Ginger Fish: Low Calorie Fish Recipe

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A ginger fish recipe is created out of some of the most succulent flavours. Salmon, tuna, mackerel or bhetki fillets will be an ideal for this fish recipe. But we will use salmon for this Indian fish recipe of ours. Lemon is another predominant flavour in this ginger fish recipe. Easy to make and excellent in flavours, this Indian fish recipe is an ideal main course side dish to be made on any day. You can even prepare it on any occasion and serve it to your guests. The sweet flavour of this fish recipe comes from the glint of honey used in the preparation. This is also a low calorie dish as there is not much frying involved. Trust me, all non vegetarians would simply love to have this fish recipe in their wish list.

Ginger Fish Recipe:

Ginger Fish

Serves: 4

Preparation Time: 24-30 minutes


  • Salmon- 500gms (fillets)
  • Ginger Paste- 50gms
  • Honey- 5-6ytbsp
  • Kaffir Lime Juice- 1 cup
  • Caramelized Sugar- 2-3tbsp
  • Black Pepper- 1-2tsp
  • Soy Sauce- 2tbsp
  • Vegetable Oil- 2-3tbsp
  • Kaffir Lime Leaves- 15-20
  • Onion Rings- 2-3cups
  • Salt- To taste


  • Add some salt to the fish fillets and let them steam in a pressure cooker over a medium flame till they are soft. Keep them aside in a wide plate.
  • Now take a frying pan over the gas oven and pour the vegetable oil into it.
  • Add the ginger paste and some salt into the same pan and stir well for about 2 minutes over a low flame.
  • Add the honey, kaffir lime juice, caramelized sugar and black pepper powder in the pan. Saute well over a low flame for 2-3 minutes.
  • Now add the soy sauce to the mixture. Again, stir well for a minute or two and bring it down. The gravy for your ginger fish recipe is ready.
  • Take the fish fillets and spread the mixture you just prepared evenly on them.

For The Serving

  • Spread all the kaffir lime leaves evenly on 4 plates.
  • Now take the fish fillets and place them on the leaves.
  • Garnish with the onion rings and serve this ginger fish recipe hot.

This ginger fish recipe will surely make you your family's favourite cook.

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