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How To Avoid Panty Lines


How to get rid of panty lines? Well, firstly what are they? If your panty's outlines are seen through your skirt or pants, they are called 'panty lines'.

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These lines may ruin the look of beautiful clothes. Also, you may feel conscious and nervous the moment you realise that your panty lines are visible.

Of course, you can avoid them by taking care of your selection of clothes. How to eliminate panty lines without having to sacrifice your favorite 'tight' clothes? In that case, you might have to switch your underwear; yes, thongs never cause lines.

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Now, let us discuss about various other ways to hide panty lines.


Choose Thicker Materials

Smooth, clingy and tight clothes inevitably expose panty lines. Choose thicker materials and go for designs instead of plain ones. Printed textures can also mask the panty effect.


Use Thongs

Go for G-strings or thongs. They never cause bulgy lines on your dress.


Ban Black Underwear

Choose lighter colours for your underwear. When you wear white clothes, darker underwear tends to be visible through the lighter fabrics.


Tight Clothes

Tight clothes inevitably expose your panty lines. Reduce wearing them or else wear things inside tighter clothes.


Wear Tights Inside

If weather permits, you can also wear leggings inside in order to avoid panty lines. Of course, hot weather may not allow you to go for layered clothing.


Elastic Underwear

Wear an elastic underwear. This is one of the ways to hide panty lines. If you are not comfortable with such an underwear, use it only when you wear tight pants or short skirts.

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