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20 New Types Of Sarees To Drape This Season

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Saree is the most traditional garment worn in India. However, it is one garment that is continuously undergoing transformation. There are many new types of sarees that are being innovated every season. Together these new types of sarees represent the changing face of Indian fashion. There are many aspects of a saree style that change. The most obvious is the way you drape your saree.

Saree draping styles keep changing all the time. Recently, the lehenga saree is a new type of saree that has really caught on with fashion bugs. There are also several other elements in a saree that undergo change. For example, the saree blouse designs change from time to time. Right now, two saree blouse designs are really hot on the fashion metre; one is the halter blouse and the other is the blouse with a rolled up saree holder.

Apart from the blouse designs, the patterns and colour palate of sarees are also changing. The new styles of sarees have a different colour scheme and use unusual colour combinations. Earlier, sarees would have one colour in the body and one for the border. Now dual coloured sarees are worn with blouses of a completely contrasting colour.

Here are some of the new types of sarees for this season that you should try.


Full Body Wrap

Unlike the traditional saree that is pleated and wrapped around the waist, this saree is wrapped all over the body. The saree has been wrapped in concentric circles all over the body.


Strapy Blouse

The saree has been worn with a blouse that has straps like a swimsuit. The pallu of the saree is tucked under the blouse straps.


Sequined Sarees

Sarees covered with tiny, large or patterned sequins are hot on the fashion metre right now.


Saree Holder

If you notice carefully, the blouse has metallic roll pin that is holding the pallu like a rolled up scarf. This is a new innovation in saree draping styles this season.


Solid Gold Sarees

Golden sarees are on the rise this season. Sarees in pure golden colour are really happening. So while Raveena's shimmering gold saree is from Sabyasachi, Ash has draped a gold saree from Tarun Tahiliani.


Triple Coloured Saree Ensembles

This saree has a dual colour scheme. The body of the saree is pale pink and the pallu is bright orange. The catch is that the blouse is neon green which contrasts with both the colours in the saree.


Dual Themed Sarees

This new type of saree has two parts that are distinct from each other. The pattern on the pallu is completely different from the design of the body. This contrast gives the saree a lehenga-like look.


Belted Sarees

Many sarees are being worn with belts or kamar bandhs these days. This gives a different look even to the most ordinary sarees.


Pleated Wrap Saree

This saree has first been pleated several times. It has then been wrapped with double pallus resembling a gown.


One Shoulder Blouse

This saree is totally simple. What makes the difference is the blouse design. The blouse is full-sleeved on one side and sleeveless on the other.


Pant Style Saree

This is not the traditional 9 wards navwari saree, but a 6 yards saree that has been pleated and draped like pantaloons.


Toga Style Saree

This saree has been draped and worn without a pallu. Instead of the pallu, the end of the saree has been pinned to the blouse making the ensemble look like a toga.


Saree With Tunic

This patterned saree has been worn with a full-sleeved tunic instead of a blouse. The saree has also been draped like a lehenga choli over the shoulder to show the blouse.


Velvet Pallu

The entire body of the saree is made of sheer lace but the pallu is made of opaque velvet. This new style of saree provides a contrast in textures as well as colours.


Saree Over Leggings

Traditionally, a saree is draped over a petticoat. But here, the chiffon saree has been draped over black stretchable leggings.


Lace n Satin

These sarees are a unique combination of lace and satin silk. The body of the sarees is designed in lace, but the pallu has a creamy satin silk finish.


Mumtaz Saree

Yesteryear actress Mumtaz draped her saree very interestingly. The pallu is nothing but a single band of fabric draped across the chest.


Saree With Jacket

This saree has been pleated traditionally. The highlight of the look is the brocade overcoat tied over the saree.


Crochetted Lace

Crochet work was rarely used in sarees before. This all black lace saree is one of the examples of crochet work in sarees.


Saree With Shirt

In the winters, you can try wearing your sarees with full-sleeved shirts instead of blouses. This will give you both style and comfort.

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Story first published: Tuesday, September 17, 2013, 2:03 [IST]
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