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Vidya Balan's Road To Being Hot!

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Who would have thought that the sweet and innocent Vidya Balan, a star who was once the endearing Parineeta, will show us the Dirty Picture some day? Bollywood celebrities are expected to evolve with their style or perish. She chose the first option. Vidya Balan has come a long way from being the short heavy girl in Hum Paanch, to the glamorous hot icon in The Dirty Picture. With time, she refused to be tied down by the 'classy Indian' tag and decided to experiment with her sense of fashion and looks.

Vidya Balan's need to become hot, was certainly not an easy one. Here are some of the major landmarks in her journey to be a Diva.

Vidya Balan

From Behenji To Babe...

1. Simple Bong Beauty: Vidya Balan's first role in Parineeta was far away from glamour. She played the simple Bengali girl who wore 1950's salwar kameez (it was a period drama), old fashioned sarees and gaudy jewellery. But the audience loved her in this traditional look and she was categorised as an 'ethnic Indian' beauty.

2. The Urban Girl Next Door: From being the timid Lolita with limited fashion sense in Parineeta, we saw Vidya as an urban girl in Lagey Raho Munna Bhai. Once again, the flowing skirts, stylish kurtas and chic accessories did well for her in cool urban look.

3. Big Fat Fashion Mistake
: Vidya Balan was tagged a 'fashion disaster' when she came in her western look. A-line dresses, capris and short skirts did not flatter her heavy figure. The Bollywood fashion police was onto her and she was voted the 'worst dressed actress' for movies like Hey Baby and Kismat Konnection

4. The Saree Look: For the next few years, she was persistently slotted for roles that required her to wear sarees. Bhool Bhulaiya, Paa etc. were movies in which she carried herself gracefully in sarees. This became her standard look. The typical full sleeved blouses and an ethnic saree made Vidya Balan look hot but no formula can last forever as far as celebrity fashion is concerned.

5. Raunchily Rustic: Finally, Vidya Balan decided to use her one weak point to her advantage. People loved Vidya Balan in a saree; so be it. But who says a saree cannot look sexy? Low cut blouses and a deep cleavage view in the movie Ishqiya made Vidya Balan look extremely hot. Just as the audiences were recuperating from the 'desi' effect of this movie, she came in the Dirty Picture. She broke all the rules of decent dressing in this movie. She made vulgar gestures and her dripping necklines with a fat midriff looked ultra sexy.

Celebrity fashion is all about making the unusual seem acceptable and Vidya Balan has managed to do that quite well. Today whatever Vidya Balan wears is 'fashion'. Take the pregnant look in Kahaani for example; it has brought maternity frocks back in fashion!

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Story first published: Thursday, April 26, 2012, 11:51 [IST]
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