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Hot Halloween Costumes You Must Try!

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Halloween comes once in a year and this is one day when you can bring the scary side of you into the limelight. If you are no longer a kid, then funny ghost costumes will not be what you are looking out for. You need Halloween costumes that are hot and have an 'oomph' factor. Luckily, scary fiction and movies are on a row these days. More than enough research has been done on some of the prototype Halloween costumes that are hot.

Take the Vampire look for example. As vampire fiction is a rage among young adults now, you can easily design a costume based on your favourite vampire character. If you area fan of the Twilight series then you could choose Bella's newly turned vampire look or the bridal look that Rosalie carries. Complete the look with some authentic Halloween makeup.

If you think that vampires are too typical then there are more realist looks to choose from. The 'Pirates' look makes a very hot Halloween costume. Imitate the look of Captain Jack Sparrow from the Pirates series. Get that nasty beaded hair and an eye patch to make it look original. Even women can try this look with a bit of fancy Halloween makeup.

The 'Devil' look never really goes out of fashion. You could become the steamy she-devil with a fork in your hand and pretty red devil horns on your head. This Halloween costume has a hot colour combination of red and black. You play around with it and make it more creative. The makeup for this Halloween costume is very simple. Just put on some bright red lipstick to add effect.

Apart from these, there are some other really hot Halloween costumes that you can try. Check them out here.


The Hot Witch

A witch does not have to be dark and dreary. Black is a hot colour and this witch looks quite hot in her lacy thongs!


Devil Wears Prada

The She-Devil is much more hot looking than her male counter part. Red and black is a scarily good looking combination.


The Twilight Look

A pair of 21st century vampires are really cool to look at. You just need to copy the famous vampire couple Edward and Bella for this look.


The Pirates Look

Think of what Captain Jack Sparrow would wear for Halloween. And you got a cool and realistic costume to wear.


The Egyptian Pharaoh:

The Egyptians have given us some of the coolest ghostly creatures called mummies. But for a more glamorous look you could turn into a mystical pharaoh rising from the dead!


The Gothic Look

The Grunge movement in music resurrected some of the best Gothic looks. This look will be contemporary and scary too.


The Dracula Look

While Bella and Edward are modern vampires, Dracula was the original one. So get this 18th century look with a corseted gown and an elaborate hairdo.

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Story first published: Tuesday, October 30, 2012, 12:19 [IST]
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