5 Gloves That Define Winter Fashion!

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Gloves are fashion accessories that rarely if ever have been out of fashion. This is so because gloves are not just accessories but utilities; it is an integral part of your winter clothing to protect your hands from frost bites. Some types of gloves are also a mark of culture and sophistication; you will never see queens without gloves. Either ways, as the second leg of winter is in progress let us do a reality check on what is 'in' as far as gloves are concerned and if you missed buying a couple of essential pairs.

Here are the 5 fashionable gloves that you simply must have in your wardrobe.

5 Fashionable Gloves For Winter Outfits:

1. Leather Gloves: Who doesn't have a pair of patent leather gloves in their wardrobe? If you don't then either you are from a tropical country or not from this planet. Every woman needs a pair of these types of gloves because they serve many purposes; they can look elegantly pretty with a formal skirt and dashingly bold with a leather jacket. Now weather you use it as utility or style statement is up to you.

2. Long Gloves: These gloves are fashion accessories primarily and a part of posh dress code too. You will see Oscar nominees walking the Red carpet wearing these gloves. They are usually made of velvet or satin and are meant to charm rather than protect. Whites in this type are very popular and if you are part of that kind of 'high' social circle then you must own a pair.

3. Fingerless Gloves: No, these types of gloves are not simply fashionable. When you are riding a bike you might need to wear a pair for better grip. Although women wear it mainly for fashion, its utility in the gym, especially for weight training cannot be denied. You can also team it up with an ensemble of rugged jeans and torn jersey to get quite the rough biker babe look.

4. Lace Gloves: For the perfect lady, these gloves are obviously showy. But you can definitely have one pair unless you are a mountain climber. Lace gloves are translucent and girlie but they are perfect for serious social occasions like weddings and funerals. When you are expected to be in a full formal attire complete with the hat and the gloves, go for these.

5. Printed Gloves: Now that we have discussed all possible traditional gloves, printed ones are a innovation in fashion we shouldn't pass by. Printed gloves, especially ones with animal prints are really in. You need not be either in formals or casuals for them. They are cool casual and funky. If you want to make a fashion statement that will leave people thinking rather than commenting then go for these.

Use these fashion tips for women to have a set of the most fashionable gloves in your kitty.

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Story first published: Monday, January 9, 2012, 17:57 [IST]
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