Tips To Make Woolen Clothes Fashionable!

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Fashionable Woolen Clothes
Woolen clothes are sometimes seen as a sheath under which fashionable gowns and tops get hidden. You will see many a tinsel town actress shiver in the December cold to show off her backless gown! The purpose of wearing clothes is to protect your body and if you are not doing that then you are defeating the purpose. You need not make the same mistake when there is such a wide range of winter fashion clothes available these days.

Now that we have moved on to so many different warm materials for winter jackets like leather, suede, corduroy etc. we have have forgotten to explore the most traditional one, wool. Here are some ways to carry off woolen clothes fashionably.

Tips To Make Woolen Clothes Fashionable:

1. Ponchos: This is a really cool resurrection (from the wild barbarian times) in the field of fashion clothes for winter. The garment itself is so interesting looking that it won't matter what you are wearing under it. It is like a loose woolen blouse that you have to slip over your head but it has no sleeves. The sleeves are sewn together from inside to give it is sack like look. This flimsy bag looks very delicately feminine on shimmering gowns.

2. Woolen Dresses: Who said wool could be used only to make sweaters? You can actually make your clothes out of wool. Perfectly knit fine woolen dresses that fall just above your knees look very chic; cowl necks go really well on such outfits. You can cover your dainty legs with warm stockings to make it a complete winter ensemble.

3. Woolen Tunics: Want to be Parisian in your tastes? Francois winter fashion clothes include a typical woolen tunic that is too short to be a dress and too long to be a top. Wear it with tight fitting contrast slacks, a tweed cap and a flowing scarf to look like the perfect imitation French girl in town!

4. Off Shoulders Woolen Blouses: This is the pick of the woolen clothes for this season. You wear it like a sweater but it falls just off your shoulders and stops right under your bust. Prop it up with a woolen muffler. Even full sleeved blouses in this style look gorgeous. Wear it with skits, tapering pants or frocks.

5. Woolen Jackets: Winter jackets made out of wool have a definite advantage over normal sweaters or jumpers because they look smarter and more contemporary although the purpose is the same. Jackets with zippers and a varieties of loose or tight fitting sleeves make winter fashion clothing interesting.

6. Types Of Wool: Experimenting with the texture of wool you wear can sometimes give you really fashionable options. You need not always wear fine cashmere wool; knobby coarse texture is very in these days for shawls, sweaters and shrugs.

Use these fashion tips for women to wear woolen clothes fashionably.

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Story first published: Friday, December 2, 2011, 11:47 [IST]
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