What Shoes To Wear With Dresses?

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What kind of dress shoes women should wear with particular kinds of dresses? You would think women know all about it but just yesterday I saw a finely dressed lady in A-line dress wearing Converse sneakers! Imagine the horror! The lesson from this anecdote is that we all are liable to make disastrous fashion statements sometimes. The trick is to correct yourself when you are going wrong. All types of shoes don't go well with all types of dresses. So, you need to know which dress shoes for women are suitable for what dress.

These fashion tips for women should help you choose the best dress shoes for your outfit.

Shoes Women Should Wear With Dresses:

1. High Heels: Of all the types of shoes these are probably most in favor with women. Is it because of the glamorous element in them or a deeper fixation with looking taller? We don't know. Jokes apart, heels are the best dress shoes if you use them properly. Don't wear high heels with very long dresses; it takes away the limelight from your sexy heels. High heels are good for all occasion formal and informal. Wedding, office, party, you can wear them anywhere unless you are going trekking.

2. Flat Ballerinas: Beautiful dress shoes that women don't use enough. These colourful ballet shoes are now being teamed up with jeans by teenagers. But there original function as dress shoes must not be forgotten. If you are an unusually tall woman or uncomfortable with wearing heels then you can wear ballerinas as a replacement for high heels. Otherwise, you can wear them with summery dresses or loose beach frocks.

3. Tie Ups: These were once called Alexander shoes due to the striking similarity with the Greek style of foot wear in Alexander's time. Actually that was the inspiration for tie ups. But these are now dress shoes for women instead of men! They are stringy shoes with a flat sole and two strings that need to be tied in a criss-cross manner. You must never wear these with long skirted dresses because it would be a total waste of resources. The unique selling point of this type of shoe is the crossing strings designs. If you hide it then you might as well be wearing bathroom slippers!

4. High Boots: They are not just for going hiking. You can make a very smart fashion statement with high boots be it leather or swede, if you use them well. Wear them with ultra short dresses for the hot chic look and with long three fourth dresses for the cowgirl look.

Foot fashion is a huge sub field but all you need to know is which are the dress shoes women need to have to go with almost anything. These tips can point you in the right direction to stock up your shoe cupboard smartly.

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Story first published: Thursday, September 8, 2011, 12:56 [IST]
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