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Look Stunning In Your Salwaar Kameez At Work

By Sruthi Appu

Salwar Kameez, the attire for a women in any age. Women ranging from their teens to old age love to wear this mughal outfit and look gorgeous. Now you would raise your eye brow reading this but trust me this Indian outfit goes well in any occasion, either in a party or in your office.

Although working women love to wear western formal wardrobe for their office, some women who love ethnicity, those who are aged or those who don't like to clad themselves in saree would opt for this traditional at the same time classy outfit.

Now working women would wonder how to look decently stunning in your salwaar kameez at your work. I would tell you that this is not at all a tough task, if you can be smart enough in picking up the right salwaar kameez materials and tailors.

  • The first thing that any working woman should take care, while planning to stitch a salwaar kameez for her office, is that go for salwaar kameez which are in neutral and pleasing colours. Although bright red would make you look gorgeous it can strain your colleagues' eyes. So go for colours like light green, purple, grey or just any colours which give a soothing feel.
  • Next thing that you have to look into is the material. Don't go for synthetic or too silky materials. For an office atmosphere go for cotton materials. Also make sure that you don't wear designer salwaar kameez, wear those simple ones, without those heavy sequin and flashy work. Cotton material salwaars are considered as professional.
  • There might be some women who would want to try a different look. They can try pairing kurtas with cotton pants or nice leggings.
  • Make sure that you don't wear salwaars or kurtas those are extremely tight fitting or loose. This will make you as well as the spectator uncomfortable. Also don't go for those showy and deep neck cuts. Keep a decent length for both the front and back neck.
  • While selecting accessories or ornaments for your kurtas or salwaar kameezs don't go for many bangles on your hand or a flashy necklace. Go for just one or two bangles or a bracelet. On your neck go for those small pendant chains. You can make yourself look gorgeous in office even without those chains, wear a nice ear ring. This can be either a medium hanging one or just a stud.
  • With Salwaar kameezs or kurtas you can either leave your hair open or tie it up with those simple hair accessories.

Now fill your wardrobe with salwaar kameez and kurtas, get ready for your office. Last but not the least, while you wear your dupatta or a long scarf with your salwaar kameez be very careful. Wear those in a decent way, as leaving your dupatta carelessly can leave a bad impression on others. Pin it well and make sure it covers your chest properly.

Story first published: Wednesday, July 28, 2010, 13:44 [IST]