Fat Can Also Look Fabulous

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Dress Up Your Fat
An hour glass figure which fits in any dress, with a crown of beautiful hair to flaunt is not in the destiny of every girl but it is always in their dreams. Many girls suffer with a Buddha Belly,hefty arms and fat legs. The good news is that with the right colour and right dress, fat can also look fabulous.

Here are ways to make your heavy bod, look as light as feather -

1.Wear dark shades of colour but not necessarily black. The colour which compliments your skin tone is the hue for you. A fair person can flaunt green, a dusky beauty can boast cream and a olive complexion will look good in terracotta. The color with matches your skin tone distracts the onlooker from your flab.

2.Girls with a heavy upper body, are suggested to avoid horizontal checks. Vertical thin checks are the best to hide your flab. It pattern blurs your wide curve thus making you look thinner.

3.If you have a short and fat neck, then give up your turtle necks and wear a V – neck. The turtle neck tops, hug to your thick neck thus highlighting it but a V neck makes your neck look slimmer. To get a tall neck look, wear long ear rings. It gives an elongated look to your neckline. A top with a jeans vest, will add on to your fashion statement.

4.Make sure you don't wear sleeveless tops. A frock with a flowy sleeve will look best on you. Shirts with sleeves rolled up till the elbow, will make you look smart.

5.Straight cut jeans is not for you. Cotton pants is the best thing to wear. Cotton pants don't hug to your figure thus not revealing your flab. Avoid pencil skirts. Pleated skirts works wonders on your figure. They fashionably hide your fat legs.

6.Heels are not for fat females, is a myth. Pointed stilettos, are for you. Heels will make you look tall, give you an elongated look thus making you look thinner. Avoid straps and ankle hugging shoes.

7.Colour you hair in light hue and leave them loose on your face. It successfully makes your face look thin. Never part your hair from the middle. Avoid hair bands and pony.

8.Match bangles to your dress. Bangles are a good way to cover up your wide wrist. It also is in the trend.

You are now dressed to hit the party. Look at yourself in the mirror. Aren't you looking half your size. You are sure to grab some compliments.

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Story first published: Tuesday, May 11, 2010, 15:49 [IST]
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