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Tips To Depuff Your Face In The Morning

Almost all of us have experienced this: waking up in the morning, looking in the mirror, and gasping in shock - because, puffy face!

Facial puffiness is caused by water retention, and it can be caused by hormones, diet, stress, etc. It's mainly caused by dehydration, but don't forget that caffeine, alcohol, and salt are all dehydrating too. A lack of sleep, allergies, and even the weather can also cause it.

Fortunately, there are simple things you can do, both to address the root cause and to quickly de-puff your face in the morning.

Tips To Depuff Your Face In The Morning

1. Dip your face in cold water

Take a cold shower or dip your face in cold water if you wake up with a puffy face. Cold water will constrict your blood vessels to reduce redness, hydrate your skin, and debloat your face. You can quickly reduce puffiness by splashing cold water on your face or using a cold compress [1].

2. Try massaging your face with ice cubes

Make sure you massage any spots that look red and puffy with ice cubes. As you use the chill and hydration of the water along with the pressure of your hands to encourage greater blood circulation, your face will start to debloat.

3. Put some green tea eye cream on

You can depuff your face by using a caffeinated green tea eye cream or face oil in the morning. In addition to caffeine, green tea products have antioxidants that reduce redness and bloating around your puffy eyes. If you've got the time, try a green tea face mask [2].

4. Use a cold face roller

The best way to depuff your face is with a cold facial roller. Just freeze a jade roller overnight and use it the next morning for a face massage that stimulates both your skin and lymph nodes. A lymphatic drainage massage promotes collagen production, improves blood circulation, and reduces bloating. You can use a roller and a gua sha tool together for a more vigorous and effective massage [3].

5. Use coffee or tea grounds

Using coffee grounds or a soaked, cooled tea bag may help stimulate the skin and constrict the blood vessels, reducing puffiness. Always test the temperature before using the grounds or tea bags [4].

6. Exercise

A healthy heart can promote circulation throughout the body, including the face. Some people find that a quick morning jog or bike ride reduces puffiness and makes them feel less bloated [5].

On A Final Note...

If you wish to prevent facial puffiness in the morning, you should avoid foods high in sodium, especially late at night or late at night, avoid refined carbohydrates later in the day, do not eat just before bed, avoid oversleeping, remain hydrated throughout the day and into the night, and, of course, refrain from drinking alcohol.

Story first published: Wednesday, November 23, 2022, 17:30 [IST]
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