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The Right Temperature To Take A Shower In, For Glowing Skin

Never a better duo than a tired body and a warm shower (and too in the winter months) - I'll wait. But sadly, constantly taking a shower in hot water can anger the skin gods, who will drop you like a hot potato.

The right temperature to take a shower should be soothing enough to wash away all your problems (at least the moment when the water is caressing you) and not too hot to strip your skin of its necessary barriers.

The Right Temperature To Take A Shower In

A warm temperature between 98 and 105 degrees Fahrenheit is considered tepid by many experts and feels slightly warmer than your body temperature [1].

So, there you have it; lukewarm is the right temperature to take a shower in for glowing skin.

It's important to keep in mind that piping hot water can make you feel good, but searing hot temperatures can compromise your skin's moisture barrier, affecting the way it looks, feels, and looks healthy.

Remember, guys, the skin barrier is our first line of defence against infections and pollution and is made up of proteins and oils that prevent water from evaporating out of the skin.

Furthermore, hot water is highly irritating to the skin surface in more than one way. These high water temperatures can also wash away natural skin oils, which are so important for retaining moisture, by causing inflammation which can disrupt the normal skin barrier. Furthermore, such high water temperatures can cause inflammation that can disrupt the normal skin barrier [2][3].

Tips To Maintain Your Skin Health In Cold Seasons, Post Shower

The ability to maintain moisture and healthy-looking skin decrease as one age, and this is often realised during the fall and winter months when it becomes more difficult to maintain healthy-looking skin.

It's important to pat dry after you step out of the shower to avoid irritation. Soon after patting dry, you should apply moisturiser.

At a biological level, our skin's ability to produce natural moisturising factors reduces during colder months (and with age). As a result, our outer layers dry, lose their stretchability and form small cracks that lead to a rough, dull surface.

Therefore, developing a healthier bathing and cleansing routine goes a long way toward healthy skin in the long run - especially during the cold months.

Story first published: Thursday, November 17, 2022, 14:00 [IST]
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