Tips To Avoid Fatigue From Showing Up On Skin

By Riddhi Roy

Don't you wish you would look as fresh as you do when you wake up, all through the day? Sadly, long hours at work and hours out in the sun, can take a toll on your appearance. But there are certain tips you can follow to make sure that it does not show that you are tired.

Most of us have plans in the evenings after spending a whole day at work. It is obvious that the tiredness will start to show on your face. There are some makeup and skincare tips you can use to look a little bit brighter and fresher.

tips to avoid fatigue on skin

Sometimes, even if you have got a full face of makeup on in the morning, it can start to look way off by the end of the day, that is, when you have the plans you made. That beats the entire purpose of doing makeup early in the morning.

We know it can get really difficult to carry around a beauty blender and foundation bottle all day, so we will suggest some tips that would require you to carry the essentials only. And you can choose whichever product seems more suitable for your needs.

Here are some products you should carry in your bag to avoid your skin from looking tired and to instantly brighten up your skin for a day out.


1. Face Mist

The easiest thing you can do is to carry a refreshing face mist. A small bottle of a face mist can refresh your skin in the middle of the day quite easily. All you have to do is spritz it on. You can do this just sitting at your desk. What's more is that this trick instantly wakes you up. We know some of you start to get sleepy at your desks. Face mists come in so many different forms. We have seen vitamin E and C face mists, which can be really hydrating for the skin, and some other types like rose and lavender face mists. Lavender has a really calming effect on the skin as well as your senses. So if you are aiming to remove stress, this might be your pick. Vitamin C is known especially for its brightening effects. So this would suit the purpose of removing tiredness completely.


2. Concealer

We all know that concealers are like our magic products, whatever the issue may be. Concealers also work at brightening areas of the face. Certain areas like areas under the eye tend to look really dull, especially if you haven't slept for some time. For this, use a concealer. Any concealer you use for brightening purposes should be one shade lighter than your actual skin tone. Make sure you go for a full coverage concealer, or else it can look a little ashy.


3. Blush

A blush adds a healthy pop of colour to your face. We all wish we were naturally blessed with pink cheeks. This rarely happens. That is where a blush steps in. Go for a peach or pink blush, making sure you stick to tones that look natural. Also make sure that it is a matte blush, as shimmery blushes can make you look overdone at times.


4. Bronzer

One of the best ways to ensure your face has some colour and lift is to use a bronzer. Bronzers are used these days for contouring. Contouring makes your features look sharper and gives you a chiselled appearance. All those models and actresses that you think are born with sharp features? Yes, they use a bronzer.


5. Moisturiser

Always make sure that before you put on any type of makeup, you use a moisturiser. This is a mistake that many people make, and we have made it too, but we realized that not using moisturiser before makeup makes the makeup look patchy on the skin.


6. Sleeping Masks

Your skin does most of its healing during the night, so it is really important to use a night cream or a night mask to wake up to healed, plump skin. These masks get rid of problems on the skin, negate the ill effects of stress and pollution on the skin that have happened during the day, and also keep the skin hydrated. As you grow older, your skin starts to produce less moisture, leading to loss of elasticity. A night cream or mask steps in to ensure moisture is retained in the skin.


7. Highlight

Use a highlight for that lit from within kind of look. We suggest you to go for a light strobing balm or cream and blend it in on those areas where the light hits your face naturally. This includes the bridge of the nose, your forehead, the high points of the cheeks and the cupid's bow. A balm would ensure that the glow remains natural, while a powder highlight gives a blinding highlight.


8. Tinted Lip Balm

Dry lips can make your entire face look dull. Tinted lip balms make sure your lips look bright, and naturally pink while also making sure that the lips are hydrated.

We hope these tips make you look fab for your next outing after work. For regular beauty updates, keep following Boldsky.

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    Story first published: Tuesday, February 27, 2018, 18:00 [IST]
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