How To Rock Your Skincare Routine

By Riddhi Roy

A good skincare routine is an absolute must and we feel like it is not inculcated enough. If not stressed upon since an early age, your skin will age a lot faster than it is supposed to. In most cases, the skin starts to show the signs of ageing since the mid-twenties. So, this is when you need to be very careful and strict about your skincare routine.

No more late nights, no more sleeping with makeup on and definitely no more using cleansing wipes to remove makeup. Additionally, you must keep a good skincare diet, and eat foods that are not too oily.

how to rock your skin care routine

Other factors like drinking and smoking could also slow down collagen production. A lot of women who start to age too soon think it is natural. It is only because not enough attention has been given to the skin, since the beginning. Here is how you can rock your skincare routine.



1. Cleanser:

Cleansing your face to start the day is an absolute must, as it cleans up all the dust collected on the face while you sleep and provides you with a clean base. What's more, cleansing your face first thing in the morning can be a very refreshing experience.


2. Toner:

Many people skip this step, as they find it to be unnecessary, but toning is extremely important. It brings the pH level of the skin on your face back to normal and even shrinks the pores. Use a gentle toner without any glycolic acid or alcohol for the day time.


3. Sunscreen:

No matter what the weather, using an SPF product is a must. Use a moisturiser with an SPF of 30 or above to help protect yourself from the harmful rays of the sun and to even prevent age spots and early signs of ageing. Moreover, using an SPF product helps protect against skin cancer as well, so it is not entirely a beauty tip but also a health tip.

Night Time:


1. Makeup Remover:

Remove all your makeup before heading on to any other skincare steps. Use a cleansing balm or a micellar water, as these are best for removing the harshest and most waterproof makeup.


2. Cleanser:

Yet again, cleansing at the end of the day is super important, as it helps to remove the dirt from your face. Dirt can get collected on your face and if not removed, it can clog your skin while you sleep at night, causing you to breakout into pimples and acne.


3. Toner:

At night, you can use a more heavy-duty toner, like one that gently exfoliates the skin. A lot of toners contain exfoliating acids like glycolic acid. These acids are not safe to use before heading out to spend a day under the sun but can be used at night. They help remove dead skin cells and traces of leftover makeup quite gently.


4. Eye Cream:

Your under-eye area is extremely sensitive and is one of the first parts to start showing the signs of ageing. One of the reasons for this can be that the area is dehydrated. Apply a thick layer of eye cream before you sleep, so that you wake up to a well-moisturised under-eye area.


5. Serum;

Apply a water-based serum right after this. Night time is when your skin repairs itself, so these extra steps must be taken care of.


6. Moisturiser:

After serum, moisturise your skin with a night-time moisturiser. The serum will ensure that all the moisture is locked into your skin.



1. Exfoliate:

Your entire body needs to be exfoliated once a week in order to get rid of dead skin cells and make your skin soft and smooth. You can use a scrub for this purpose. Different scrubs are available to be used on the face and body. Be sure to do this only once a week, as too much exfoliation can actually lead to pimples and acne.


2. Face Mask:

Follow-up the exfoliation with an at-home face mask. There are several face masks for different skin concerns like brightening and acne control masks. Use whichever suits you at that moment.



1. Facials:

After a certain age, it becomes important to indulge in monthly facials in the parlor. These will keep your skin youthful for longer and even prevent breakouts if that is your area of concern.


2. Facial Hair Removal:

Removing facial hair on a monthly basis not only slows down the growth of the hair on your face but also ensures that makeup goes on much smoother and you look more radiant without makeup. It is extremely important to keep your eyebrows well groomed specifically, because eyebrows looking off can make your entire look go wrong.

So, with these tips, we hope you rock your skincare routine. For more updates, keep following Boldsky.

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    Story first published: Monday, March 19, 2018, 21:00 [IST]
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