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What Are The First Signs Of Ageing Skin In Women?

It is not that one fine morning you will wake up and your skin will be completely wrinkled or saggy. Skin ageing is a very gradual process that has to be taken care of from the initial stage.

If you let skin ageing happen on your skin, and expect it to get cured with a particular magic wand - then no such miraculous components exist on earth. All anti-ageing cosmetics and home remedies only work when patiently applied on ageing skin from the beginning.

symptoms of ageing skin

When you examine your face in front of the mirror, you may not notice the signs of ageing. This is because ageing signs usually appear on the others parts of the body first and later the face.

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It is highly important you keep checking for these signs on your other body parts first than your face. Here are the signs that you could notice on the body parts that are mentioned below. Take a look.


The most plain region of your face, the forehead reveals the first signs of ageing with its crepey skin. Looking straight into the mirror you might not see this. However, when you move your eyebrows and play with the skin around this region, you will see a change in its texture, especially after the 30s. This also counts as one of the signs of ageing skin that you must take care of immediately.


Everybody hates turkey neck but that's from where ageing starts. Due to constant sweat, exposure to sunlight and as a less taken care part of the body, the neck shows the first signs of ageing. Than carefully examining your face in the mirror, check your neck and you may get a different result. There are several remedies to treat crepey skin of the neck, only if opted for at the right time.


Hands is another part of the body that show the first signs of ageing. On your hand, keep a look at the tricep region and palms, as they show the first signs of ageing skin. To control ageing skin on hands, creams and moisturizers can be applied from the initial stage to protect it. If you think that is not helping, you can go for some hand exercises as well.


Have you ever noticed that the skin around your knees is thick but loose? Thus, it shows the first signs of ageing. During skin care, especially after the 30s, do take special care of your knees and its skin. As you see fine lines and wrinkles appearing on the knees, you can count it as a part of your ageing skin. One of the simplest ways to control ageing skin of the knees is by massaging it with body oils.


Women can notice their signs of ageing first on the skin of the breast. The breast becomes saggy, soft and loose. The skin around it becomes crepey and your usual bra size might change. Start treating this with home remedies and then you can move on to breast-firming creams and oils. The skin and area around this is very delicate and upon any doubt, you must consult a dermatologist.

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    Story first published: Friday, August 4, 2017, 11:57 [IST]
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