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Skin Benefits Of Using Marine Collagen

By Rima Chowdhury

There are several ingredients which are used in the making of skin care products, and one among the best ingredients used is marine collagen. Marine collagen has gained popularity in the recent days, thanks to its benefit on the skin.

Generally, there is a limited range of beauty products with marine collagen in it because marine collagen is very rare and one among the most expensive beauty ingredients. Although the marine collagen-based skin care products are a little expensive, the benefits of this ingredient will surely leave you impressed.

What Is Marine Collagen?

Marine collagen is a protein which is actually extracted from the scale of saltwater fish such as cod or salmon. Mostly, the collagen obtained from the fish generally belongs to the oil categorised fish. However, collagen can also be obtained from the meat, but the amount of marine collagen obtained from the oily fish is really high. The benefits of using marine collagen on the skin are incredible and hence it is one among the best skin ingredients.

Here, we mention to you different benefits of using marine collagen on the skin.


1. Anti-ageing Effect

It is said that using marine collagen on the body provides anti-ageing benefits on the skin. Due to a large amount of collagen, it helps to boost the collagen, thus slowing down the ageing of the skin.

According to the studies, it is said that marine collagen is 30 times more effective than any other anti-ageing ingredient. Using marine collagen or marine collagen-based skin care creams can help to improve elasticity and hydration on the skin. It also helps to give you supple skin.


2. Treats Under-eye Area

Whether it is dark circles or dry skin under the eye, using marine collagen can always benefit a person in several ways. Using marine collagen can help to treat the puffiness under the eye and also promote younger-looking skin.

If you suffer from fine lines around the eye, always prefer to use eye creams with marine collagen extract in it.


3. Smooth And Supple Skin

Due to a large amount of collagen present in the marine collagen, it can help to promote smooth and supple skin. Using marine collagen-based cream can help to retain the moisture in the skin and it also improves the texture of the skin. The result of using marine collagen is quite natural and hence you don't need to worry about the effects.


4. Improves Skin Tone

Many beauty experts also say that marine collagen can help to improve the skin tone of a person. Generally, your skin tone starts changing when the level of collagen and hydration on your skin vary. However, with this decrease in the body, it may lead to dull and sagged skin. In order to rejuvenate your skin naturally and also improve the skin tone, you should prefer using marine collagen on the skin.


5. Moisturises Your Skin

The collagen is mainly found in the dermis, which helps the amino acids (found in the protein) to keep the outer layer of the skin healthy. Mostly dry skin problem can be treated by taking collagen supplements; but if you have marine collagen cream, you can start using it. Not only creams, but marine collagen face wash is also available in the market, which helps to moisturise and keep your skin hydrated. Using marine collagen is extremely good for people with dry skin.

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Story first published: Saturday, April 22, 2017, 19:00 [IST]