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Setting Couple Goals For Mutual Skin Care Routine That Can Be Done Together

Once you have a bae in life, then why bother for the help of a salon professional for skin care? Your partner can himself or herself treat your skin problems and take care of your body.

Well, couples can help each other to maintain a healthy skin care routine. This will add to their mutual relationship goals and also help them lead a good life.

Not in all aspects of beauty and skin care can couples work together. Yet there are a few skin care rituals that couples can follow together.

Here are the details on skin care routine for couples, take a look.

Start With Sunscreen
Not all men are keen on beauty and skin care. So, introduce your man to the first simple skin care ritual that both of you can do together every day, right after a good shower. Pour a good sunscreen lotion on your palms and apply it gently on your bae. Try applying the sunscreen on parts of the skin that remain maximum exposed to the sun. Also, both of you be selective about the sunscreen lotion you pick and its SPF number.

Cleansing At Bedtime
After returning from work, or after a heavy dinner it happens that we want to sleep and we skip the bedtime beauty routine. Missing bedtime beauty routine can show its effects on the skin. So, all you got to do is, encourage each other to do the basic cleansing right before bedtime. After all, you should smell good to each other on bed and cleansing is one of the must-dos before going to bed.

Using Homemade Packs To Pop Pimples & Zits
Whisking up homemade packs for the skin can be a fun thing to do as a couple. You could make specific homemade packs/masks for pimples and zits to have a clear, glowing skin. Your friends would surely envy you after they get to know you follow this skin care routine.

Massage Each Other
One of the best ways to pamper your skin is by massaging it. But massaging your own skin really does not make sense, as you cannot reach out many places of your own body comfortably. Here comes the role of your partner, who can pamper your skin with some good massage during the weekends, holidays or after your hectic day at work. Massaging is moving the hands gently all over the body with the aid of a fluid cosmetic like oil or lotion, such that the receiver's body is rejuvenated.

Help Out On The Neck, Back, And Chest
Skin problems that happen on face can often extend to the neck, back, and chest. As mentioned earlier, it is not easy to reach out to the neck, back, and chest. Your partner can help you here, by applying creams, lotions or serums in the affected areas where you cannot possibly reach. Don't be ashamed to reveal your skin problems, as your partner can help you to get them rightly treated.

Attend Spas And Therapy Sessions Together
Movie dates or dinner dates are common among couples. Stand out from the queue and plan a spa or a therapy session in the local salon. This will also help your bodies get rejuvenated and you get to spend a good quality time together. Spa and therapy vouchers are also gifts that beauty-conscious couples gift to each other.

Story first published: Thursday, July 6, 2017, 19:00 [IST]
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