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Reasons To Start Using BB Cream Now

By: Shabana

BB creams are the buzz of the beauty industry right now. BB creams are taunted to be the ultimate beauty saviour. All of us need that one soldier in shining armour, which will rescue us from all our woes and BB creams seem to do just that. They are multi-purpose creams and no vanity case is complete without one of these beauties.

BB cream was invented by a German dermatologist Dr. Christine Schrammek who was looking for some way to make patients recover from laser surgery wounds. It later was popularized by Asian and Korean actresses, who discovered that there was more to this wonder cream. It is now widely manufactured and circulated all over the world.

reasons to use a bb cream
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BB stands for blemish balm or beauty benefit cream. Modern day BB creams provide a host of benefits. That is why they are named as the 'miracles of the beauty industry'. Read on to know about the 15 amazing benefits of BB creams and why you need to add one in your make-up kit, ASAP.


1) They Are Light Weight

BB creams are lighter than your regular foundation. This makes it perfect for everday use. It is mild enough not to damage your skin with everyday application.


2) They Contain Sunscreen

A lot of BB creams in the market come with considerable sun protection, eliminating the need for a different sunscreen cream.


3) Tinted Moisturizer

BB creams are better than your regular moisturizer as they are tinted and so will give you a little coverage you require for daily wear. There is no need to apply any foundation unless you require heavy coverage.


4) Available In Different Shades

BB creams are available in different shades which makes it all the more convenient to use. You may find a perfect match according to your complexion.


5) Suitable For All Skin Types

Because BB creams are light weight, they are suitable for all skin types ranging from oily to dry skin. They are light-weight which makes them perfect for all-day application on oily skin as well.


6) Gives You Natural Finish

Unlike foundations, BB creams are light and blend properly into your skin tone, giving you a smooth but natural finish. They are also less greasy and do not look cakey.


7) Eliminates The Need Of A Primer

When applying make-up for any occasion, if you are at loss of a primer, use a BB cream instead. It will prep your skin for the make-up and will also blur any imperfections and even out the skin tone.


8) Helps Control Excess Oil

Some mineral-based BB creams have oil absorbing properties which will eliminate shine on oily skin and give it a matt look.


9) Have Skin-Lightening Properties

Some BB creams are spot correctors which when used every day, penetrate into the inner layers of the skin and correct dark spots. They also improve skin complexion and provide skin lightening benefits.


10) Easy On Your Purse

BB creams are extremely affordable. They will suit your every need and budget easily. Moreover, you do not have to buy different products like sunscreen or moisturizer as a good BB cream provides you with all the solutions.


11) Helps Hydrate Your Skin

BB creams can double up as moisturizers to hydrate your skin. There is no need to apply a different moisturizer before using a BB cream. They contain ingredients which will moisturize the skin and hide all the flaws as well.


12) Helps Fight Wrinkles

There are a few BB creams in the market which provide anti-ageing benefits as well, eliminating the need for a different anti-ageing product. Just one BB cream for all your problems will reduce the load on your skin and help it breathe.


13) Easy Application

You do not need any tools or technique to apply BB cream. Just use it on your face with the help of your finger tips, targeting the areas which need more coverage.


14) All-in-one Cream

BB creams can substitute for most of the products in your vanity kit, making it lighter. It has both skin care and make-up properties, which makes your life all the more easier.

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Story first published: Thursday, August 24, 2017, 9:30 [IST]
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