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How To Make Turmeric Face Scrub At Home

Turmeric is quite honestly one of the best ingredients discovered in the Indian subcontinent. It has health as well as skin benefits. So today, we will let you know of an easy turmeric face scrub recipe.

Scrubs, as we know, help remove the dead skin cells from the face. This is really important, as the dead skin can make your face look dull, while scrubbing can make your face look healthy and give a nice flush to your skin.

This homemade turmeric face scrub will be a treat to your skin. It is simple to make this one and yet indulgent. For this, you will need ingredients that you probably already have access to.

You Will Need:
Turmeric, milk cream, besan and rose petals.


  • Mix the besan, turmeric and milk cream together to form a thick paste.
  • Next, add the rose petals to the mix. This will help to make the scrub truly indulgent and smell amazing.

Benefits Of The Ingredients Used:
Turmeric is really good to be used on the face. It has antioxidants, is anti-inflammatory in nature and helps get rid of the pigmentation on skin. It also benefits with acne and pimples. We all know that it helps give a radiant look to the skin. And if you have a tan, this will help get rid of the tan quite easily.

Besan has been used by generations of Indian women to get that glow on their skins. It helps to gently remove the dead skin cells and give way to a more glowing and fresh skin.

Milk cream helps lighten the skin tone because it has lactic acid in it. It also helps moisturise the skin and keeps it soft and supple. It makes sure the exfoliation does not dry up the skin.

The rose petals add a sort of gritty texture to the scrub, making it more effective. Plus, they add a very nice fragrance, making it all a luxurious, indulgent experience indeed.

Story first published: Saturday, January 21, 2017, 18:00 [IST]
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