Amazing Beauty Hacks Using Just A Spoon

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One inexpensive household item that everyone owns is - the spoon. Did you know that you could use a spoon for so many beauty uses? Yes, read further to know all about the beauty hacks you could try using a spoon!

Imagine the amount of time and money you'd be saving, thanks to a spoon, for these beauty purposes. Most of us believe that our favourite beauty tools are a makeup brush or a sponge or something along those lines, but after knowing of all these hacks using a spoon, the spoon would become your favourite beauty tool.

Really, it is surprising and amazing the number of things you can do with just a spoon. So, go on and make this your new favourite beauty tool. This can help you with your skin and makeup problems, all at the same time.

So, here are some of the best beauty hacks you could try using a spoon!


1. To Get Rid Of Puffy Eyes:

We have all woken up with puffy eyes at some point of time. This could be because of lack of sleep, or being up and staying in front of the laptop for too long. So, the next time you wake up with puffy eyes, place the convex side of a cold spoon on each of your eyes, the cold will help get rid of the puffiness.


2. To Get That Perfect Winged Liner:

You can use the edge of a spoon to trace a perfect winged eyeliner. This is one of the easiest beauty hacks you could try using a spoon. The slight curve of the spoon helps trace that perfect wing with ease.


3. For That Contour:

The spoon can even be used to make a perfect contour. So, newbies at contouring, grab your spoons and start drawing that contour. This is one beauty hack using spoon you did not know about, did you?


4. Face Massage:

You can massage your entire face using a spoon as well. This is really good for when you feel like your face is being too puffy. The cold helps with blood circulation on the face as well, giving a nice flushed look to the face.


5. To Perfect Your Mascara Use:

Place a spoon under your eye while applying the mascara, this will make sure that you don't get any of the mascara on your skin. This is really good for people who end up getting mascara goop all over their faces at times.


6. To Curl Lashes:

Why invest in a separate lash curler when you can just use your spoon? Warm up the bottom part of the spoon using a blow-dryer and place it on your lashes and curl it using upward motions. There, hope these quick beauty hacks using a spoon will do the trick for you, try it.

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Story first published: Saturday, January 7, 2017, 10:36 [IST]
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