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Alternatives Of Botox That You Can Try At Home, For Excellent Results On Your Ageing Skin!

As women start ageing and the ageing signs become evident on their faces, they count on the cosmetic surgery process using botox as their final remedy. Though the aim and purpose of botox is to tighten the loose muscles, there are many side effects to it.

From being expensive to adding more skin problems, not all the botox patients have marked it great.

So, as an alternative to botox, we are suggesting certain home remedies that would help reflect a great and glowing skin, treating the fine lines and wrinkles.

These home remedies would require some cosmetics from your nearest makeup store or some of your kitchen ingredients - and the results are just excellent.

The best part is, to do these alternatives of botox, you don't have to step out of your home and the results reflect on your face and skin, in a quick time.

Just ensure that when opting for these alternatives of botox at home, you are committed to trying the treatments and methods repeatedly to see results.

So, have a look at these easy at-home alternatives of botox that surely bring a change to your sagging soft skin, removing all the wrinkles and fine lines.


Frownies For Skin Tightening

Made out of weighted unbleached craft paper, frownies are like band aids available in pharmacies and makeup stores. You have to apply the frownies on your wrinkled areas, keep it for a minimum of three hours or preferably overnight and then remove it.

The skin tightens and looks much younger. Many frownies come with tags, very specific for the use on forehead or neck, which should be checked while buying one.


Anti-wrinkle Creams For Soft And Ageing Skin

Than numbing the muscles of your skin using injections in botox, how about investing in some good anti-wrinkle creams? When opting for anti-wrinkle creams, do not go by the brand names only.

The higher the retinol content in your anti-wrinkle cream, the better it is. Test the first anti-wrinkle cream you buy on a small area of your skin and continue using it if you see the desired results. Also, in case of anti-wrinkle creams, you should not be stringent to spend on these.


Natural Lip Plumpers For Restylane

In the botox method, restylane is injected into the skin to make it look plumper. We will tell you the alternative of restylane that you can use at home and make your lips look plumper. One of the oils that works great as a lip plumper is peppermint oil that you can mix with your lip gloss.

Next, on the list is cocoa butter. To use cocoa butter as a natural lip plumper and an alternative of restylane, you have to add olive oil and cinnamon powder to it.


Kitchen Ingredients For Skin Peeling

One of the key steps in the botox process is peeling off of the first layer of skin for new skin to appear, which makes one look younger. Well, skin peeling can be done at home using simple kitchen ingredients.

In the natural skin peelers list, you can count on cucumber, lemon or pineapple, which you must apply in a juice form. Add egg whites to each of these for a noteworthy change on your ageing skin.


Natural Exfoliators Instead Of Microdermabrasion

Microdermabrasion is a process in botox where the skin is exfoliated for the dead and damaged cells to get removed. So, how about doing skin exfoliation at home using natural ingredients?

The most common and effective natural scrub that you cannot miss out on is sugar. Others are coffee, besan and so on. Use the natural exfoliant available at home regularly on the skin with care, to see a vast difference.

And do not be too harsh on the skin during your scrubbing sessions.

Story first published: Saturday, July 22, 2017, 8:01 [IST]
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