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What Happens When You Apply Haldi And Avocado On Your Skin?

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Have you ever wondered, whether all those "traditional" beauty tips your grandmother tells you about, work or not?

Have you ever been curious to try out a few home remedies to improve the health and appearance of your skin?

If yes, then it is time that you gave them a try. Because, our kitchens hold a number of amazing ingredients, which can be great for our complexions and health in general.

Many a times, our complexion becomes dull and unhealthy due to various reasons such as poor diet, hormonal imbalance, exposure to dust and pollutants, ageing, etc.

So, instead of spending money on expensive skin care products available in the markets, which may have potential side-effects, we can always go the natural way.

Did you know that by applying a mixture of avocado (butter fruit) and turmeric (haldi) on to your skin, you can attain a soft, glowing complexion?

Just scoop out the flesh from a ripe avocado, add 1 tablespoon for turmeric powder to 2 tablespoon of avocado pulp.

You can now mix the ingredients well and apply the paste on to your face and leave it on for about 15 minutes.

Have a look at some of the amazing skin benefits of the avocado and turmeric face pack, here.


1.Mosturises Skin

Since avocado is a natural skin hydrating agent, it can moisturise your complexion by providing exceptional hydration to your skin pores.


2. Reduces Acne

Avocado is rich in antioxidants and turmeric comes with anti-bacterial properties. So, the effect of both these ingredients can kill the acne causing bacteria and keep your complexion pimple-free!


3. Slows Down Skin Ageging

This natural face pack can boost the collagen production in your skin and improves its elasticity, thereby easing away signs of skin ageing like fine lines and wrinkles.


4. Treats Cuts And Burns

The mixture of avocado and haldi comes with an anti-inflammatory nature which can treat and provide relief from minor cuts and burns on the skin.


5. Reduces Unwanted Facial Hair

The combination of turmeric and avocado has the ability to reduce the growth of unwanted facial hair, in women, thereby giving them a clearer, smoother complexion.


6. Makes Complexion Lighter

This homemade face pack, has the ability to lighten your skin, within days of regular use, as turmeric acts as a natural skin bleaching agent!


7. Removes Dry Patches

As this natural face pack hydrates and moisturizes your skin, it can reduce the occurrence of dry, rough patches on your complexion, thereby giving you an even skin tone.

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