Tips To Take Care Of Skin When You're Pregnant

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Pregnancy is a huge change for the entire body. It's your body, housing another human being. So, naturally, there would be major changes happening in the body, including the skin and hair. Here, we'll be sharing with you skin care tips for pregnancy and information on how to take care of your skin when pregnant.

Some women are really blessed and have perfectly glowing skin, even during pregnancy. For others, pregnancy comes with a lot of problems like breakouts, and rough and dark patches. But, not to worry, we have an answer for all your queries.

Most of the tips we share are very basic ones that focus more on prevention rather than a cure. Because prevention is always better than cure. And these tips are not just important for pregnant women, but to all those women suffering from skin issues who can follow these skin care tips to have an amazing skin overall.

Of course, if you are pregnant, an active skincare regime is even more important. Even for women who are blessed with the pregnancy glow, you never know when that glow would turn into the skin of your nightmares. That's how unstable skin can be during pregnancy.

So, keep reading to find out more about the skin care tips for pregnancy that you can follow or share these tips with other pregnant women around you.


1. Mild Cleanser:

Use a mild facial cleanser, preferably the one your skin is well acquainted with. Wash your face with it twice every day. Once in the morning and once at night right before going to bed.


2. Moisturisers:

You should have a different moisturiser for day and night. The night cream should be an oil based one or a serum, so that it can work overnight and heal your skin.


3. SPF:

Pregnant skin is especially prone to sun damage. If you are at the receiving end of sun damage, you could end up with dark spots that may remain with you permanently. Use an SPF of at least 30. SPF50 is the preferred type to use.


4. Oils:

During pregnancy, you are naturally prone to stretch marks. Use an oil or cocoa butter to keep your skin from cracking. This is one of the best skin care tips for pregnancy to be followed.


5. Acne Wash:

Keep a separate face wash specifically for acne, as you never know when your skin could breakout. Look for ingredients like salicylic acid and glycolic acid in such washes.


6. Natural Wash:

If you want to go natural, rinse your face with neem water every day. Do this by soaking neem leaves in water at night and then wash your face with this in the morning.


7. For Feet:

Feet can get swollen during pregnancy. To reduce the swelling, soak your feet in warm water every night before going to bed. It would also help you relax to a great extent.


8. Lemon Juice For Pigmented Skin:

Skin ends up in getting badly pigmented in the form of dark patches during pregnancy. Avoid this by using lemon juice on the areas. Lemon juice is a natural bleaching agent that would help take care of skin during pregnancy.


9. Rough Patches:

To avoid rough patches, use petroleum jelly or even coconut oil on the affected area. This is a must follow skin care tip for pregnancy.


10. Dark Patches:

Pregnancy skin care tips would not be complete without this one useful tip. Use a face pack made of turmeric and milk every week to avoid patchy skin on your face.


11. Dark Neck:

One of the best skin care tips for pregnancy includes using curd and besan mixture to exfoliate your neck and get rid of the darkness of the skin on neck.


11. Puffy Face:

Sometimes, the face can get puffy during pregnancy. To reduce this, use ice. The cold will reduce the puffiness effectively.

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