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Surprising Body Areas Prone To Dryness

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During these chilly days, our body tends to get dry and itchy. To overcome this, we use many tricks like moisturising it and covering it up by wearing warm clothes. However, there are a few body parts that need special attention and care.

Dry skin is very irradiating and embarrassing when it catches the eye. Apart from having a dry look, the skin tends to have its share of problems like a wrinkled surface and redness. To avoid all this, people should make sure that they pay a special attention to the skin, especially to certain body parts that are more prone to dryness.

Analysing and understanding about our body helps us to avoid unwanted embarrassing issues. So, in this article, we are here to share some of the surprising body areas that are more prone to dryness.

Taking care of your skin at the right time can also help you in having a younger-looking skin. Read on and understand about your body and make a change in your skin care regimen.



This is not a surprise, as this is the most common spot that can get dry instantly. This area is rough due to the exposure of constant rubbing against your desk or sleeves. To get rid of this tough skin, you have to use an exfoliator from time to time. This helps to get rid of the dead skin cells.



Avoid using makeup removers that contain alcohol, during a winter season. This instantly can make your skin dry. To get rid of dry skin, use cucumber slices around your eyes and apply a bit of moisturiser every few hours once.



This is the most common body area that is prone to dryness. This can happen due to dehydration and due to the chilly winds. To keep your lips soft, you can make a DIY scrub of honey, sugar and coconut oil, and scrub it every morning. This keeps your lips soft and moist for a longer period of time.



Using a moisturiser on your hands might not work all the time. During winter, knuckles need some extra care and attention. Dab a good amount of moisturiser and massage it around your fingers to keep your knuckles nourished.



Just the way elbows get dried up faster during the winter months, same happens to the knee area. They are equally prone to dryness. Hence, keep your knees a little extra nourished. If a moisturiser is doing less magic then you can opt for a body oil.



This is one of the most surprising body areas that is prone to dryness. Lack of moisture in the vaginal area may cause some minor irritation that may make it hard for us to concentrate on other tasks. Thus, using different types of lubes and moisturising agents helps to keep it moist during the winter months.



As the air tends to be drier, the skin tends to lose a lot of moisture. Though it is very important that are underarms are dry, the natural oils should not be robbed of it. A shave can worsen the condition. Hence, dab some moisturiser onto the skin of the underarm region and let it dry. This avoids dryness of the underarm skin.

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