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Basic Hair Care Tips To Follow

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Nothing makes a girl more confident and happy than having lustrous healthy hair. In order to get these lustrous locks, we need to follow some basic hair care tips.

Following what others do may not usually work for us. So, we need to play and experiment a bit to know what exactly works good for our hair. Managing and maintaining our hair is a task.

When we realise that our hair is turning frizzy, dry and brittle, the very first thought that we get is to get a haircut done. If not this, we spend on hair and scalp-pampering treatments. These tricks can not be afforded by all. Hence, we bring you some great hair care tips that you must have a look at.

In this article, read on to know more about the basic hair care tips that you can follow and not spend too much money on beauty regimens that cost a bomb.


Make Scissors Your Friend

Hair remains healthy when it is trimmed and managed well regularly. Trimming your hair helps to avoid split ends that give your hair a dry look.


Lifestyle Factors

This plays a major role in managing healthy hair. Avoid unhealthy lifestyle habits like drinking, smoking and consumption of unhealthy foods. Studies have revealed that these factors have an adverse effect on your hair growth.


Avoid Hot Water

No matter how cold the weather is, avoid using hot water directly on the scalp. This makes the hair brittle and dry. The essential oils present in the hair shaft can be removed, making the hair frizzy and brittle. This is one of the basic hair care tips that you need to follow.



Combing your hair is important. It is a very good healthy exercise for the scalp and the hair shafts. Opt for a wooden comb and avoid plastic combs, as they can cause a static hair. Remember not to comb your hair when it is wet, as it tends to weaken the hair strands.


Nourish Thy Hair

This basic hair care tip is a must. Use a hair serum or a conditioner after a hair wash, as it is an important step that protects your hair. It helps to deeply condition our hair after a nice shower.


Use Herbal Products

Go natural and opt for herbal treatments. Use reetha, shikakai, amla and other ingredients to strengthen your hair growth. You can opt for dairy products as well like eggs, curds, etc, on your hair that are known to be natural conditioners.


Massage Your Scalp

Massage your hair regularly, as it helps to stimulate the blood circulation on the scalp as well. This helps in improving your hair growth. This is one of the basic hair care tips that you need to follow.

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