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7 Simple Ways To Manage Oily Skin In Summer

By Debdatta Mazumder

Summer is approaching very fast and the temperature is rising every day. In tropical countries, summer is like a curse.

Constant sweating, greasy and dull skin and suntan, all become your regular companion during summer days. How to manage oily skin in summer? With simple tips to manage oily skin in summer you can get rid of skin problems.

How To Care For Oily Skin In Summer

Why do people have an oily skin? It is all about the excessive sebum production. Often you think how wonderful it could be if you could eliminate your oily skin. But do you know that oily skin is actually a blessing?

Yes, people with an oily skin type stay youthful for long and don’t get untimely wrinkles and fine lines. Still, in hot summer days, the greasy look can destroy your appearance.

May be you have a party to attend to. It looks awful if you appear there with an oily face. Not to worry. With tips on how to manage oily skin in summer, you can have a brighter and healthier skin.

10 Summer Makeup Tips For Oily Skin

Oily skin can also be a reason of genetics. If you have had a history of oily skin in your family, you’ll have oily skin too.

Oily skin means you have large sebaceous glands that produce more oil. Here are some of the effective tips on how to manage oily skin in summer and be beautiful.


1. Wash Your Face With Lukewarm Water:

Lukewarm water is effective to absorb oil on your face more than cold water. It opens your pores and washes away all the dirt and pollution from your skin and cleanses it from deep.


2. Regular Cleansing:

This is one of the best tips to manage oily skin in summer. You can use any herbal cleanser or a natural cleanser like cucumber or tomato. Cleansing controls over production of sebum, which makes your skin oily. But don't overdo it. Cleanse your face twice.


3. Don’t Wash Repeatedly:

It feels good to have water splash on your face repeatedly on hot summer days. But, the more you wash, the more the natural moisturiser of your skin will be wiped out. As usual, your skin will produce more oil to make your skin oily.


4. Face Mask For Oily Skin:

If you truly need ways on how to manage oily skin in summer, then try some face packs. Tomato and honey face pack works wonderful in absorbing excess oil. You can also use rice flour and turmeric pack or multani mitti and rose water pack.


5. Don’t Use Too Much Makeup:

This is a basic rule on how to manage oily skin in summer. Limit your makeup use as much as possible. Use makeup products with silicon, as those won't clog your pores and will help build a shield to protect your skin.


6. Use A Toner:

Due to astringent properties in a toner, it can quickly absorb excess oil from your skin and give you a cooling effect. Besides, toner also shrinks the pores to prevent oil secretion. You can use rosewater or neem water as the best toner for summer.


7. Use Wet Tissues:

Those who have a combination skin type get oily nose and forehead. Thus, pimples and acne are their regular companion. To solve this problem, always carry wet tissues with you. Wipe your face to have a fresh look within a minute.

Story first published: Wednesday, April 13, 2016, 14:30 [IST]
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