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7 Worst Daily Habits You Must Stop To Prevent Permanent Skin Damage!

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You are getting a haircut at a saloon and as you are sitting in front of the huge mirror, in a brightly lit room, you realise that your skin looks dull and unhealthy!

At that moment, you feel let down because you think you have been doing all the right things to take a good care of your skin.

You use expensive skin care products, you use good-quality makeup, you eat right, etc; however, your skin still seems unhealthy, making you wonder why.

Well, many a times, we may be following a few habits that may be damaging our skin, with or without our knowledge.

To be born with an amazing complexion is a privilege many of us do not enjoy, so we must put in some effort to attain a healthy, radiant complexion.

Following a proper skin care regimen is extremely important if you want to have a clear complexion. Also, you must ensure that you follow some healthy practices.

Here are a few daily habits you must totally avoid in order to prevent a permanent skin damage, have a look!


1. Hot Showers

Indulging in long, hot showers every day can damage the delicate skin cells and make your skin appear dull. You can try to shower with lukewarm water instead.


2. Not Applying Sunscreen Year-Round

Many people tend to use sunscreen lotions only during the summers; however, the UV radiations can harm your skin even during the monsoon season and winters too, so do not forget to use that sunscreen daily!


3. Exfoliating Too Often

While exfoliating must surely be a part of your beauty routine, doing it too often can rip away the moisture in your skin, thereby making it dry.


4. Picking At Acne

Another habit that can leave undesirable blemishes and acne scars on your face is picking at pimples or squeezing acne in order to pop them!


5. Smoking

Smoking is one of the main causes for skin damage, which can deteriorate the quality of your skin, as the toxic smoke can kill the skin cells and speed up the ageing process.


6. Using Antibacterial Products On Your Face

Normally, antibacterial soaps and products are used only on the body, as the skin tissues on the face are too delicate and these products may damage these sensitive skin cells.


7. Not Seeing A Dermatologist

Many a times, people ignore persistent skin issues and never go to a professional to get them treated. Do note that this habit can also cause a permanent damage to your skin, therefore, it is highly important you take the advice of an expert.

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Story first published: Thursday, July 28, 2016, 7:23 [IST]
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