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How To Choose The Right Foundation For Indian Skin?

By: Arijita Ghosh

It is a common fact that ladies love to beautify themselves for every occasion; and in addition to pretty dresses, the right makeup/ foundation acts like an icing on the cake.

Be it for office parties, marriage functions or even birthday parties, the right makeup is our staple beauty product.

However, to suit our Indian complexion, choosing the right foundation becomes an extremely important task.

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We would not want to look too ashy or too whitish, but would love to look perfect. Now, there’s nothing called a perfect foundation as such for an Indian skin tone.

There are various types of foundations that are suitable typically for an Indian skin tone which are as follows:

chose the best foundation for Indian skin

Cream foundation (ideal for normal, combination and dry skin types), liquid foundation (ideal for all skin types), pressed powder foundation (ideal for oily skin), mineral foundation (ideal for all skin types, except oily) and tinted moisturising foundation (ideal for normal and dry skin)

chose the best foundation for Indian skin

Although, most of the ladies avoid wearing foundation during day, as it may either dry up or melt (due to excessive perspiration), thus making your face look flaky, unevenly painted.

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Also, make sure you choose your foundation according to the following:

1) Climate of the place you live in: Use hydrating foundations if you hail from cold regions, whereas, if you are from hotter regions, you should use long-staying foundation with more SPF.

2) The time of day: Heavy foundations should be avoided during the day, as they are most suitable during night.

chose the best foundation for Indian skin

3) Age: If you are older, use anti-age foundations that have golden shimmers, which help you look younger.

4) The occasion: A heavy foundation for a simple house party might make you look and feel a bit out of place. So, choose your foundation wisely.

Also, recognising your skin type can help you choose the right foundation, which would give you a model-like appearance. Few examples are:

chose the best foundation for Indian skin

Normal Skin: Lotion-based foundations can be used if you have an even complexion and a normal skin, i.e., neither too oily nor too dry.

Dry skin: Liquid foundations, which have a cream base should be applied on a dry, tight skin. For a skin which is already dry, application of compact powder is not advisable.

Oily skin: Beauty experts recommend water-based and matte-based foundations for women with an oily face to help remove excessive oils. The shade of the foundation should be similar as per your skin tone. You can also apply compact powder.

chose the best foundation for Indian skin

Dusky: Beauty experts say that a liquid/water-based foundation is ideal for a dusky complexion. Choose a colour that is closer to your skin complexion. You can dab compact after the foundation is applied.

Fair: Use a foundation closer to your skin tone, which can be either pinkish red or golden yellow. Identification of your skin tone is absolutely necessary to help the foundation work better.

Wheatish: Foundations with yellow pigments/earthy shades suit wheatish complexion really well. Apply a compact after the foundation to give your skin a smoother appearance.

Do not forget to team the foundation with a mascara or a kajal and a suitable shade of lipstick. Keep your makeup as minimal as possible to make you look more natural and less “made-up”.

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