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4 Shocking Reasons Why You Are Getting Wrinkles At An Early Age!

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Do you feel that you have a lot of wrinkles and fine lines on your skin, which is quite a lot for someone your age?

Do people often mistake you for someone much older? If yes, then it could mean that you have started to show the signs of skin ageing rather prematurely.

Sometimes, premature ageing of skin can be due to reasons such as heredity, in which case, you cannot do anything much.

causes for wrinkles

However, many a times, even though your ancestors seem to have aged very gracefully, you may still be a victim of premature skin ageing, which definitely makes you worried.

Having skin lined with wrinkles and age spots can surely be undesirable and make you look quite unattractive.

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In addition, it can be quite humiliating when people think you are much older than you actually are, all because of your ageing complexion!

Although you may feel that you have been taking good care of your skin, there may be a few surprising factors which may be leading to the early ageing of your skin.

Have a look below to find out what they are.

1. You Are Not Using Sunscreen

Many people tend to feel that sunscreen is not all that important and they do not use it regularly. However, UV radiations are extremely harmful to the skin and damage the quality of skin cells, thereby speeding up their ageing process.

2. You Are Smoking Too Much

causes for wrinkles

We already know about the various health hazards linked to smoking. However, smoking is a habit which can also age your skin cells rapidly and the act of pursing your lips while smoking can worsen the wrinkles around your mouth!

3. You Party Too Much

Drinking too much alcohol, doing recreational drugs, staying out without getting some rest, for too long on a regular basis - these habits can also lead to the overall deterioration of your health and also lead to the deteriorated production of skin cells, thus causing wrinkles.

4. You Reside In A Busy City

causes for wrinkles

If you are someone who is living in a busy, polluted city, and you commute in the dust/pollution on a regular basis, then there are higher chances of your skin ageing prematurely, as opposed to the healthier complexions of people who live in pollution-free environments.

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