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Follow These Simple Tricks To Get Rid Of Oily Skin

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Does your makeup starts to ruin and mess up your look, just a few hours after applying it?

Do you feel the need to constantly wash your face, as it feels greasy? If yes, you must have an oily skin tone!

An oily skin tone can be quite troublesome, as it makes our complexion greasy, sticky and sweaty very often. It can also ruin our makeup look and leave undesirable stains on our face when we are on the go.

It can be rather hard to take care of your complexion when you have an oily skin tone, as you may have to carry face washes, lotions, makeup, etc, everywhere you go.

Oily skin is usually caused by the production of excess of sebum in the skin. Hormonal imbalance can also be one of the reasons for an oily skin tone.

People who have an oily skin are more prone to skin conditions like acne, rosacea and pigmentation, as the excess oil produced on the skin can get into the skin pores and block them, leading to the accumulation of acne-causing bacteria.

To make things easier for people with an oily skin, we have listed down a few tips that can be followed to help you attain a non-greasy complexion!


1. Ice Cube Treatment

Rub a few ice cubes on your face, especially the T-zone, every night, before bedtime. Doing this will help in the reduction of the oil being produced in your skin.


2. Don't Scrub Hard

Avoid scrubbing your face too hard when you are exfoliating your skin, as scrubbing causes a lot of friction and may stimulate the production of sebum and oil.


3. Choose The Right Makeup

Ensure that your foundations, concealers, contour-bases, eye-makeups, etc, are powder-based and not oil-based. Using oil-based makeup can only worsen your skin issues.


4. Do Not Skip Moisturising

Many people with an oily skin tend to avoid moisturisers, as they fear it will make their skin more oily. However, not moisturising your skin can lead to uneven dry patches. Use a moisturiser that is oil-free or water-based.


5. Exfoliate

Skin exfoliation is very important if you have an oily skin, as the excess oil gets accumulated in the pores. Exfoliation will remove the oil, dirt and dead cells present on the skin, making your skin clearer.


6. Face Wash

Use a face wash or a cleanser that contains benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid, as these components help in the reduction of the sebum production in your skin.


7. Natural Ingredients

Use natural ingredients such as sandalwood, turmeric, curd, etc, in face packs, which have the capacity to reduce sebum production in your skin and give you a rejuvenated complexion and feel.

Story first published: Tuesday, May 17, 2016, 17:44 [IST]
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