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8 Strange Things That Are Good For Your Skin

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Did you know that many of the historical women, considered as eternal beauties, were mostly famous for their flawless complexions?

Cleopatra, the Egyptian beauty, was known to have lovely skin that she apparently attained from bathing in milk every day!

Our complexion is one of the physical attributes that is noticed first; and if our skin is smooth and glowing, it can immediately boost our look to a great extent, regardless of other factors.

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To have an amazing complexion that makes your friends envious, you may have to put in some effort and work towards getting a better skin.

Following a strict skin care regimen, ingesting nutritious foods that nourish your skin, protecting your skin from dust, pollution, UV rays, etc, can help you attain a desirable complexion.

Having a complexion filled with dark spots, acne scars and blemishes can hamper your confidence and your overall appearance.

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If you have clear, soft skin naturally, then you don't even have to spend much on makeup and you can completely skip putting on foundation creams and concealers!

Now, most of us are aware of some of the common tips that need to be followed to attain a good, healthy skin.

Today, Boldsky lets you know about some of the strange things that are good for your skin. Read about them, here!


1. Making Love

Yes, you read it right! Sexual intercourse is great for your skin because it releases certain healthy hormones in your body that add a glow to your skin. Also, the sweat produced during sex flushes out the toxins and dirt from the skin pores.


2. Diaper Rash Cream

If you spot new pimples on your face, you can dab on a bit of baby diaper rash cream or even toothpaste on the pimple and leave it on overnight. The chemicals in the toothpaste and diaper-rash cream absorb the sebum from the pimples and allow them to heal quickly.


3. Vodka

Rubbing vodka on your skin can reduce the size of your pores and tone your skin, thereby keeping your skin tight and wrinkle-free!


4. Aspirin

Since aspirin has anti-inflammatory properties, when applied on a new pimple, it can reduce the redness and swelling and can also help in drying out the pimple quickly.


5. Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate is rich in antioxidants that can nourish your skin cells from within and keep your complexion radiant and younger-looking!


6. Cold Showers

Showering and washing your face with lukewarm or cold water will retain the natural moisture levels of your skin and prevent your complexion from drying out.


7. Coffee

Coffee powder is known to be a great natural skin-exfoliating agent that can eliminate the dead cell layer and rough patches present on your skin, when used as a scrub.


8. Eye Drops

Eye drops and nasal drops contain chemicals that are meant to reduce inflammation in the blood vessels. So, dabbing a few drops of eye drops or nasal drops on to a pimple can help heal it at a faster rate.

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