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DIY Cleansing Oil For Normal Skin Types

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Oil cleansers are starting to become all the rage on the Internet these days. And some of us don't really understand them. How could we ever use oil to clean up oil from our faces? Well, science says that oil absorbs the bad oils from our face, while foam face washes can strip the face of natural oils, thereby leading the skin to over compensate for the lost oils and produce even more oils.

diy cleansing oil

So, the foam cleansing method is apparently not that great for the skin. Hence, we all want to try out methods that are better for our skin. A few of us would be reluctant to try out a DIY version of this, but for those of us who have experience with DIY projects and enjoy trying out new methods of skincare, it is perfect.

diy cleansing oil

The methods are safe and can all be prepared at home. These wouldn't even clog the pores as the oils used are all non-comedogenic. All you need to do is just use the oils in the right way.

Castor Oil
Almond Oil


Mix one part of castor oil into four parts of almond oil. These are the right oils to use because they both have a very low comedogenic rating. Basically, follow a 1:4 ratio. You could change the recipe according to how much moisture the skin needs, but if you aren't an expert at making cleansing oils, sticking to the recipe would be a good idea.

diy cleansing oil

All cleansing oils are used in the same way, regardless of skin type. Start by gently massaging the face with the oil, putting more pressure on areas that have more makeup on them. Then wet a clean cotton cloth with lukewarm water and wipe away the oil. This gets rid of all traces of oil and leaves the skin supple and moisturised. This method would get rid of the strongest, most stubborn makeup easily.

Just make sure you use a clean cloth every time. We hope you try out the oil cleansing method that is taking over the Internet. And let us know how your skin reacts to it. Do not use coconut oil as it could actually clog the pores.

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Story first published: Wednesday, August 17, 2016, 18:00 [IST]
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