Dealing With Teenage Skin Problems

By: Ajanta Sen
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Are you a conscious teen who spends most of your time facing the mirror? Is your skin prone to a lot of skin issues ever since you became a teenager?

In our teenage years, we all go through a myriad of emotional as well as physical changes. In addition to these changes, you become even more distressed when you suffer from a number of skin problems.

Skin problems are very common during the teenage years, so you don’t have to panic if you are going through one of the various skin problems.

By knowing the cause of a particular skin problem, it becomes easier to deal with it. Therefore, read on the article, which emphasises on the top 7 teenage skin issues and how to deal with them:



Sunburn is one of the most general teenage skin problems, and is experienced by a majority of people in their teenage days. Sunburn is caused by extreme exposure of the skin to the harmful UV rays of sunlight.


Oily Skin

In the process of knowing the 7 teenage skin issues and how to deal with them, an oily skin type can also be a very important skin problem. Sometimes, oily skin can also be hereditary in nature.

In order to get rid of an oily skin, use a mild cleanser, oil-free cosmetics and a mild moisturiser. Some blotting products like paper sheets are also available in the market that you can use to absorb the extra oil from your face.


Dry Skin

Due to lack of moisture, you may experience a dry, flaky, cracked and peeling skin in your teens.

Dry skin can be caused by using too much of makeup, excess exposure to the sun, dry environment, certain medical conditions, excessive washing of the face, particular medicines or chemicals, using rough soaps, etc.

In order to deal with dry skin, use an odour-less moisturiser, avoid too much of sun exposure and drink at least 2 litres of water daily.



Spots are common teenage skin problems and almost every teenager suffers from it. During the teenage years, there are hormonal changes in teenagers that cause the skin glands to secrete excess oil (sebum), which results in the appearance of spots.

Always keep your skin clean and make sure to remove your makeup before going to bed. Spot-removal creams and facewashes can be helpful to some extent.



Warts are fleshy coloured bumps and lumps that can appear on your fingers, under your fingernails, under the feet or on the back of your hands. Warts can occur due to a viral infection and mostly teenagers get affected by them.

There are various treatments for warts such as chemical or laser treatment and freezing the development of warts using liquid nitrogen.



In the process of understanding the 7 teenage skin issues and how to deal with them, the next teenage skin problem is "Acne". During puberty, the teenagers experience increased hormonal levels that give rise to acne.

These hormones foster the size of sebaceous glands to increase and this results in an increased oil production by these glands. There are several gels, lotions and creams that can help you in getting rid of acne. In severe cases, you must get your skin checked by a good dermatologist.



Eczema is among the most familiar teenage skin problems that appears on the skin in the form of red, dry and itchy rashes. Generally, these rashes emerge on your knees and elbows and, in worst cases, they can appear on your scalp and face.

Apply an odour-free, strong moisturiser instantly after swimming, bathing or showering. In case of extreme itchiness or redness, consult a dermatologist.

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Story first published: Sunday, February 7, 2016, 21:00 [IST]
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