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Some Major Beauty Reasons That Can Cause Acne

Posted By: Staff

Acne to some women is not just limited to the teenage years but continues or may simply begins to appear suddenly even after the lady has passed the normal 'pimply' phase.

Or it may also happen that you wait all through your teenage years to reach your 20s and find out that acne still won't go.

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Adult acne today has become quite a common problem to such an extent that some women can even have to deal with it in their 50s.

If you have suffered with pimples during your teenage years, then the reason is most probably your oily skin; but if you are suffering with it in your adult years, then there are definitely some beauty reasons for it.

You may think of yourself as the most fashion-conscious women ever, but when it comes to zits, you definitely will freak out. Isn't that right?

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Acne breakouts can cause an embarrassment, awkwardness and confusion as to why it is happening to you at an inappropriate age.

Hence, it is a must for you to understand that this situation is avoidable and can be prevented if you rectify certain small mistakes that you are making in your everyday routine.

Here, we have a list to show some major beauty reasons that can cause acne.


1. Not Removing The Makeup At Night:

One of the biggest mistakes you make that causes pimples on your skin is sleeping with makeup on. So, keep in mind that being too tired is not a good enough reason for you to sleep without cleansing your face.


2. Overwashing Can Result In More Sebum Production:

Now, overwashing your face can also increase your chances of suffering from acne; and if you already have it, then it can definitely be worsened. When you wash your face more than two times in a day, you are leaving your skin dry. When your skin is dry, it produces more oil and thus more pimples.


3. Anti-ageing Chemical Products Can Cause Harm:

Using anti-ageing products from an early age can cause you to develop pimples as well. Anti-ageing products are often too rich, which may cause your skin to breakout often.


4. Everyday Skin Care Products May Be Causing A Harm:

Your everyday skin care products can also be causing you to suffer from acne. If you are acne prone, then your sunblock or moisturiser can be the reason behind the appearance of those ugly zits on your face. Ingredients like mineral oils are super heavy and can clog the pores and lead you to suffer from pimples further.


5. Certain Ingredients Can Cause Acne Breakouts:

If you keep on trying those spot treatments which contain ingredients like sulphur, salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide, they can lead to drying out of your skin and then again causing you to suffer not just from acne but also from blemishes. These chemicals can even burn the top layer of your skin if used too frequently.


6. Your Hair Care Products May Also Be Doing The Damage:

Here is something you wouldn't have thought of and it is that your hair care products can be doing a lot of damage to your skin. Always make sure to wash your face and chest properly, as these products are high in silicone, cogging the pores causing pimples on your chest, back or your hair line.


7. Excess Exfoliation On Acne-prone Skin Is Not Good:

Exfoliation is the key to bright and fresh skin but too much of anything is bad. So, if you have pimples, frequent scrubbing will do you no good. When you exfoliate, you allow the bacteria to spread all over the face. Now, this can only worsen the case more.

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Story first published: Tuesday, June 28, 2016, 7:30 [IST]
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