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Anti-Ageing Hacks You Should Know

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Are you have wrinkles, dark spots, fine lines? And you have tried tons of anti-ageing creams and serums to get the result and yet had no result? Then fret not. We are here to share some of the anti-ageing hacks that you should know.

No doubt you would think that trying a new product is so much easier than to try these new hacks which promise to avoid ageing. These tips that we are here to share are quite effective and easy to follow.

You do not have to break your head to get the desired result, without even spending a quarter penny! Read on to know how you can try these anti-ageing hacks and see the result.

Check the list of tricks that help to keep you looking youthful and with these slight changes in lifestyle you do avoid early ageing.


Wear Big Sunglasses

The skin around your eyes is delicate and thin and the lines around your eyes appear faster. It's also the area where most of us tend to neglect when applying sunscreen. Wearing big sunglasses gives your skin an extra shield of protection and also has less forehead wrinkles.


Grapefruit Perfume

Are you wondering why only this perfume? Well studies have proved that women who used grapefruit perfume and spiritz were more likely to be younger atleast 5-10 years from their actual age as this is an instant anti-ageing booster.


Always Wash Your Face

Make sure you have a practice of washing your face often. This avoids accumulation of dirt and grim which can lead to acne and other skin problems which make your skin look dull and aged.


Avoid Stress

Have you ever heard that being stressed can make you look aged even before you reach the actual age? Well the wrinkles appear at a faster pace and cause ageing.


Pamper Your Hair

It would really look ugly if you had a clear skin and dull, dead looking hair. Hair needs to be taken care of as your mane also makes you look younger.


Pay Attention To Body Parts

If you think that anti-ageing creams are restricted only to your face and hands, then you are wrong. Your neck and other parts of the body equally needs to be taken care of as it can make you look really bad!


Ditch Everyday Routine

Do not use your prescription anti-ageing products every day. Use it two or three times weekly as it will help you to have flake-free, smooth skin.

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Story first published: Tuesday, February 23, 2016, 8:18 [IST]
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