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Amazing Beauty Hacks Using Petroleum Jelly

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Petroleum jelly is a miraculous ingredient that is often hailed as a makeup-bag essential. Mainly because this multi-tasking element can greatly simplify your beauty routine.

Easily available and inexpensive, this component is 100% effective and safe to be used in your daily beauty regimen. A true favourite in the beauty community, petroleum jelly has been around for the last 150 years.

Mostly, people use this potent ingredient to get rid of the dry skin or chapped lips. But, when it comes to this one element, there's more than what meets the eye!

Beauty hacks using petroleum jelly

So, today at Boldsky, we've brought together a list of life-changing beauty hacks using petroleum jelly that can amp up your beauty game to a great extent.

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And, most importantly, it is sans any harsh chemical that can cause potential damage to your skin.

However, be mindful to do a patch test first to see how petroleum jelly fairs on your skin and don't consume it, as it could cause health issues.

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Including it in your daily beauty routine will do you more good than you can possibly fathom. So, take a look at these ingenious ways to use petroleum jelly for a myriad of beauty-related problems.

1. For Thicker Eyelashes

Beauty hacks using petroleum jelly

Want to make your lashes appear thicker and prettier? Then, slather a little bit of petroleum jelly. It will highlight your eyelashes and make them look shiny. Also, it can be used to give a better shape to your eyebrows.

2. To Soothe Dry Heels

Beauty hacks using petroleum jelly

If you've been suffering from dry and cracked heels, then just apply petroleum jelly all over the affected area before going to bed. For better results, wear a pair of socks after applying this ingredient. Do this on a daily basis to say goodbye to cracked and dry heels.

3. To Remove Makeup Effectively

Beauty hacks using petroleum jelly

When it comes to removing makeup, petroleum jelly can prove to be highly effective. Just a little amount of this wonder ingredient can completely remove layers of cosmetics from your face. So, no need to shed big bucks to buy an expensive makeup remover, instead opt for petroleum jelly.

4. For Fly-aways

Beauty hacks using petroleum jelly

This is one beauty hack that most women swear by. Apply a little bit of petroleum jelly to tame frizzy, dry ends of your tresses. It moisturises the fly-aways and keeps them under control.

5. For That Long-Lasting Perfume Stay

Beauty hacks using petroleum jelly

This beauty trick using petroleum jelly is a true-and-tried favourite. Just a dab of petroleum jelly on your wrists before spraying any perfume can make the fragrance of the perfume last for a longer period of time.

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