One-Minute Beauty Hacks Every Girl Must Know

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Girls earn a bad reputation for spending a lot of time in getting ready. This is true; however, girls can be desperate souls when it comes to using the hectic makeup styles.

If you are a girl, you will understand how tedious it is to get ready with all the makeup done to achieve a perfect look that too with accuracy.

Every girl in her life-time spends more of a time in beautifying herself. Don't you think how wonderful it would be if that time could be cut-short and the hectic task of a makeup be made more simpler?

Yes, there are some simple beauty tricks or hacks that make your makeup application and beautifying yourself an easy and simple task.

These beauty hacks can help you achieve a flawless skin, lips and eyes with perfection. Beauty hacks will simplify a life of a girl and will also make others wonder.

Hence, here are some beauty tricks that you must know to make your beauty routine less hectic. Check them out!


Make Your Lipstick Long Lasting

To make your lipstick last long, there are many tricks to do so. But, the simple trick is to sprinkle some powder on to a tissue and then hold the tissue over your lips. The powder gets stuck on to your lips, which makes your lip shade stay for a longer period of time.


Warm Your Curler A Little

Put your curler in between your thighs or blow hot air, using a hair dryer, to make it warm just before its use. A warm curler will curl your lashes effectively and easily. This will also prevent damage to your lashes.


Use A Conditioner To Shave

If you are using a razor to remove your hair on legs and arms, then apply a conditioner on to your skin first. This will help in giving a smoother shave and will also prevent minor cuts and rashes on the skin. This is one of the best beauty hacks that your must know.


Prevent Lipstick From Getting Stuck On To Your Teeth

Put a finger inside your mouth and then remove the excess lipstick from the inner corners of your mouth. This will remove the lipstick in the middle of your lips that may get stuck to your front teeth.


For That Plump-Lip Look

Do you want your lips to look like Priyanka Chopra's, who does not want that right? There is a simple trick for doing that. Apply a highlighter just outside the lip area in the same way as the shape of your upper and lower lips. Then blend it with your finger. This will make your lips look more prominent and outstanding when you apply a lipstick.


How To Apply A Concealer

We all know that a concealer can hide the under-eye dark circles. However, there is a trick to hide them perfectly. The trick is to apply a concealer in a triangular shape below the eye region.


How To Make An Eyeshadow Pop

If you have a white pencil liner then apply it on to your entire eyelid and then apply an eyeshadow above it. This will mask the colour of your skin and make your eyeshadow pop out.

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Story first published: Wednesday, January 27, 2016, 17:30 [IST]
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