Ways To Use Honey For Skin

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Most of us know about the skin benefits of honey. Honey heals your skin with its anti-septic properties. It can also be used as a moisturizing agent.

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Some people use it in face packs mainly due to its antibacterial properties which can heal acne issues of the skin.

As it also contains anti-oxidants, it can even be helpful in clearing or preventing wrinkles on your skin. If your skin is irritated, honey can soothe it. This is one of the benefits of honey for skin.

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In this post, let us discuss how to use honey for skin problems.


Tip #1

Mix one egg-yolk with one teaspoon of honey and curd. Smear the paste evenly on your facial skin like a face pack and allow it there for almost 20 minutes. Use lukewarm water to wash it. Your skin will look fresh.


Tip #2

Soak your body in the bath tub after adding 3 teaspoons of honey, half a glass of milk and 3 drops of any essential oil in the water in your bathtub. Your skin feels rejuvenated.


Tip #3

Take a teaspoon of honey and half a spoon of baking soda and use the mixture as facial scrub.


Tip #4

Take a teaspoon of coconut oil and half a spoon of honey and mix them well. Apply it on all areas of your face leaving the areas around your eyes. Wash your face with warm water. This remedy cleanses your skin.


Tip #5

Cut an apple and remove its seeds. Take a small piece of it and grind it to paste. Add a spoon full of honey to it and apply it as a face pack and remove it with warm water after 17 minutes.


Tip #6

Add a few drops of honey to a mixture of lemon juice and olive oil. Use this on dry areas of your skin. It works like a good moisturising agent.


Tip #7

Take a teaspoon of honey and mix it with a teaspoon of almond paste. Use this as a scrub on your skin and wash it with warm water. Your skin gets exfoliated.

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Story first published: Monday, September 7, 2015, 6:01 [IST]
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