Wash Face With Besan Powder Instead Of Soap

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Besan powder is one of the most common and effective alternatives for skin care soaps. Besan is well-known for its beauty and health benefits. Those who love to care their skin, would love besan more than soaps and facewashes.

The Combination Of Besan & Rose Water For Your Skin

Compared to soaps, besan powder is a lot better! In fact, you will be surprised to know the immense benefits of using besan as an alternative to soaps. Being a natural option, using besan will take care of your skin without posing any dangerous side effects. Soaps contain many chemicals that are actually not good for your skin. Also, some components can cause allergy and irritation.

Simple Tips To Brighten Pale Skin

Washing your face with besan will keep the natural texture of your skin without damaging the skin cells. You can use besan alone or with some other skin care products for better results. Now, let us discuss about the 10 reasons to wash your face with besan powder instead of soap.


Remove Tan –

Washing your face with soap will not have any effect on sun tans. But, using besan powder to clean your face will give an additional benefit of removing sun tan easily and effectively.


Exfoliate Dead Cells

Besan powder acts as a good skin exfoliant and removes dead skin cells efficiently. This is one among the 10 reasons to wash your face with besan powder instead of soap.


Skin Lightening

The bleaching property of besan powder will act as a blessing for those who want to try a natural bleach. Soap commercials claim fairer skin, but soaps aren't as effective as besan powder.


Treat Pimples

If you wonder why washing face with besan is better than using a soap, here is a good reason for you. It will treat your pimples and acne naturally without posing the risk of skin dehydration.


Treat Dark Marks

Women in soap commercials undergo magical changes, but in real life it's not the same. On the other hand, using besan powder can remove the dark spots due to its bleaching action.


Fight Blackheads

If you are wondering why washing face in besan is better than using soap, know that it is the best idea to remove blackheads. Surely, your soap cannot claim this.


Pore Tightening

Another important property of besan powder is its excellent power to tighten the pores on your skin. Many people use besan mask to tighten pores after beauty treatments.


Reduce Oil

Reducing oil is a common property of soaps, but it will ultimately leave the skin completely dehydrated and dull. One of the 10 reasons to wash your face with besan powder instead of soap is its property to reduce oil production without harming the skin.


Make Skin Smooth

The exfoliating property of besan powder will help make your skin smooth and soft. At the same time, regular use of soap will make your skin rough and dehydrated.


Safe And Natural

Another one among the 10 reasons to wash your face with besan powder instead of soap is that it is 100% pure, natural and safe. While soaps possess risk of chemicals, besan offers the benefits of using a natural skin care product.

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