Why You Should Have Petroleum Jelly In Your Makeup Kit

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Petroleum jelly is almost used in every home to keep the skin soft and moisturised. Do you know that apart from moisturising your skin, it can be used for many other beauty purposes as well? You will save a lot of money on your makeup, if you know the other uses of petroleum jelly for beauty.

There are many beauty tricks that you can do with petroleum jelly, as mentioned in the article. After reading these beauty tips with petroleum jelly, you will keep it in your vanity for sure.

Petroleum jelly is a naturally obtained hydrocarbon that is good for your skin. It is free from other chemicals and also has a peculiar smell of petroleum. It is easily available and inexpensive as well. You can get it from any medical or cosmetic store.

Most people apply it on their face as well, apart from applying it on their hands and feet. It is a better option than other commercially available face creams and lotions. Here are some other beauty tricks that you can do with petroleum jelly. Do have a look!


For Longer Staying Perfume

Apply some petroleum jelly on your wrist before spraying some perfume on it. Petroleum jelly can hold the perfume for longer on your wrist, and as the body temperature increases the essence will spread.


To Remove Fake Eyelashes

It can be a tedious job to remove the artificial eyelashes, as they can damage your original lashes. In such cases, apply some petroleum jelly on your lashes, which will soften the glue of the fake lashes, thereby making it easy to remove.


Make Your Own Lip Balm

Mix together your old lipstick with some petroleum jelly in a small box. Apply this on to your lips to get soft, supple and coloured lips.


To Avoid Hair Dye Stains On Your Skin

Before applying a hair dye, always apply some petroleum jelly on the edges of your forehead and ears where the chances of your skin getting stained are more. Now you may apply hair dye freely, even if the dye leaks or accidentally gets applied on to the skin, the petroleum jelly will offer a protective coating and the stain can be easily removed from your skin.


Body Scrub

Mix some petroleum jelly with seas salt and gently scrub your face and body with it. It will remove the dead cells and the trapped oil from your skin. You will get a fresh, glowing and moisturised skin.


Smooth Hands And Feet

Mix some petroleum jelly with rose water and lemon juice. Apply this mixture on to the cracked heels and hands before you go to bed. Wear a pair of socks and gloves for your feet and hands, respectively. Do this for a month to get smooth hands and feet.


Mix It With Powdery Eyeshadow

If you want to get a creamy eyeshadow that sticks with the eyelids, mix the powdery eyeshadow with petroleum jelly before applying it. You can also coat your eyelashes first with petroleum jelly and then apply the powdery eyeshadow.

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