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Seeds That Remove Blackheads Naturally

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Seeds are one of the things you should not discard the next time you eat a fruit or a vegetable. Seeds can be used for different purposes and one of them is to remove blackheads naturally.

Using seeds on your skin is effective and safe too since it leaves behind no scars. On the other hand, these seeds have the ability to remove even dark spots on the skin due to the presence of protein and nutrients present in them.

So, the next time you want to treat your blackheads using kitchen ingredients, try these seeds which are mentioned on the list.

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All you need to do is use the fruit just the way it is and massage your nose or the effected area in the opposite direction the blackhead.

After using these natural seeds to treat your skin, don't apply a chemically treated cream as it could harm your face.


Strawberry - To treat blackheads on your skin with the help of strawberries, cut a fresh berry into half. Rub the seeds and the pulp directly on the blackhead prone area. Massage the pulp on the skin for at least 15 minutes, before rinsing it off with cold water. Repeat this beauty tip twice in the week to help get rid of blackheads using seeds.



Mulberry- Mulberries belong to the strawberry family. This little berry is also massaged directly on the effected area for 20 minutes. When the berry juice and the seeds dries on your face, rinse off using rose water.


Kiwi - This little green fruit is rich in vitamin C. If you want to look after your skin and want a natural glow, here is what you need to do. Cut a fresh kiwi fruit into half, massage the seeds of the fruit directly onto your skin and in an upward manner. Now allow the kiwi seeds and the pulp to dry on your face. Rinse your face with cold milk and wipe dry.


Pomegranate - The ruby fruit is one of the best ingredients you can use on your skin to remove blackheads naturally. Massage the red rubies along with the seeds on the affected area. After 15 minutes of massaging the seeds into your skin, allow it to dry and then rinse with cold water.


Guava - Guava seeds are also used to remove blackheads naturally. However, guava seeds are a little harsh to be used on sensitive skin, but it is an effective remedy to also wave good-bye to blemishes.


Tomato - Ripe tomato is another strong and natural ingredient to use on your face to treat blackheads. All you need to do is massage the juice and the seeds of the tomato on the blackheads for 15 minutes. Allow it to dry naturally and massage the other half of the tomato on your skin. Repeat this beauty tip twice in the week for the remedy to work wonders.

Story first published: Tuesday, September 22, 2015, 11:46 [IST]
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