Interesting Facts About Men's Grooming

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Compared to the men of the previous generation, today's men have become a bit more conscious about their looks and this could be a better trend.

The Right Way To Use Facial Cleansers

Why is men's skin care important? If you wish to feel confident and look good, you must pay some attention to your grooming routine as it pays off well in today's world which goes a lot by the external appearances.

Easy Ways To Remove Dark Circles

In fact, men's skin care routine can be very simple. You don't need to spend a lot of time on grooming your looks.

Now, let us go through some facts about men's skin.


Fact #1

Nearly 51% of men said that they don't know what men's skin care routine is about. If you wish to keep your skin healthy following a simple skin care routine is a must.


Fact #2

Nearly, 71% of men said that they generally use a soap to wash their face. Soaps are harsh; use a gently cleanser on your face.


Fact #3

About 41% of men said that they seldom use a moisturiser. Dry skin gets damaged fast. Use a moisturiser.


Fact #4

Nearly 47% of men said that they never used a facial scrub. A good way to keep your skin healthy is by removing the dead skin cells on its surface.


Fact #5

About 81% of men said that they generally experience irritated skin after a shave. Moisturising your skin before a shave is a good way to avoid irritation.


Fact #6

Nearly 42% of men said that they cut their skin during a shave.


Fact #7

Nearly 31% of men worry a bit about dark circles under eyes. Use a good eye cream of follow some home remedies if you have the time.


Fact #8

About 59% of men who are in relationships said that they learned a lot about skin care from their partners.

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Story first published: Tuesday, September 15, 2015, 4:04 [IST]
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