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Easy Ways To Remove Dark Circles

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Even a thick layer of makeup can sometimes fail to conceal the dark circles under your eyes. And yes, they may make you look old and tired. Well, how to get rid of dark circles?

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What causes dark circles? Apart from fatigue, there are so many other reasons behind the formation of dark circles.
Insufficient sleep, binge drinking, health issues, allergies, genetic reasons, sleeping too much, anemia and stress are some of the other reasons.

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Are there any remedies for dark circles? If so, how to remove dark circles in a natural way without using any cosmetics? Read on to know...


Tip #1

Massage the skin under your eyes using almond oil on a regular basis. Wash it gently after 10 minutes. Your skin will be nourished and lightened.


Tip #2

Avoid dehydration at all costs. Also, start your day with fresh lemon water.


Tip #3

If you are using cleansers, choose a very gentle one to deal the sensitive skin under the eyes.


Tip #4

Consume a balanced diet to provide enough of Vitamins A,C,E and K. Consume salads, yogurt, cheese, leafy greens, fruits and vegetables.


Tip #5

Cucumber contains natural astringent properties. Use its juice under your eyes and wash it after 10 minutes.


Tip #6

Tomato juice can also do a good job in reducing dark circles when mixed with cucumber juice. Apply and wash after 15 minutes.


Tip #7

You might be using sunscreen to protect your skin. While applying the lotion under your eyes, dilute it with water to protect the delicate skin.


Tip #8

Potato juice can be combined with cucumber juice and applied to the skin under your eyes. Wash it after 10 minutes.


Tip #9

Relax well and try some breathing techniques that reduce stress levels. This may indirectly help in reducing dark circles.


Tip #10

Lemon juice can also lighten your skin. Try it carefully under the eyes without letting it get into your eyes.

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Story first published: Sunday, September 13, 2015, 11:05 [IST]
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