10 Foods That Are Bad For Skin

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Are there any foods that harm your skin? Well, it is not that foods literally damage your skin but it is more about how your body undergoes changes after you consume certain types of foods.

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So, there are some foods that cause problems for skin at least in an indirect way. Generally, when you have certain skin issues like acne, you would want to take certain steps to avoid a nightmare like that of seeing one more pimple on your cheek, right?

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Well, in that case, avoid foods bad for skin. You will surely minimise the chances of suffering skin issues. Apart from that, maintain proper cleansing and exfoliating routine to keep things clean on your skin.


Food #1

Salty foods like chips are to be avoided as they may cause inflammation and can lead to wrinkles.


Food #2

Whether you are in your teens or of any other age group, staying away from sugary foods would favour your skin. Such foods disturb the hormonal activity of your body and may cause pimples.


Food #3

When it comes to caffeine, it simply dehydrates your skin which is one good reason to treat it like your skin's enemy.


Food #4

French fries are also quite unhealthy for your skin both for their salt content and the oil content.


Food #5

Avoid sodas too. They too play a role in ageing your skin faster.


Food #6

Alcohol is also a form of sugar and therefore, treat it like your enemy if you love your skin.


Food #7

Dairy products are not all bad but when you consume them in high quantities, they may cause acne.


Food #8

What's the issue with red meat? Well, as it comes with too much of cholesterol and saturated fat that may cause certain skin issues, try to limit your consumption.


Food #9

Processed meat is nothing but saturated fat and trans fat. Putting this aside, the sheer amounts of additives are enough to call it your skin's enemy.


Food #10

The problem with burgers is that they spike your cholesterol levels and this isn't good for your skin. Acne and wrinkles will gradually enter the picture if you binge on burgers.

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Story first published: Tuesday, September 8, 2015, 8:03 [IST]
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