Cucumber Face Pack Benefits For Skin

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Cucumber is one of the many cool vegetables you can apply on the skin to make your face glow and look naturally beautiful. Cucumber has a ton of vitamins, where in each one of the vitamins have proved to be very effective for the skin.

When cucumber face pack is applied twice in a week on the skin, the pores are throughly cleansed and the juice from the cucumber helps to brighten the skin tone and tighten the skin. If you are using a cucumber face pack to get a glowing skin, the treatment should be done twice to thrice in a week for positive and rapid results.

It is also important to take ample care after using this vegetable. To make the skin feel soft and supple after the face pack, rinse the face with cool rose water and crushed ice. The properties present in the rose water will help to make the skin glow and make you feel naturally beautiful.

Here are some of the reasons why you should go in for a cucumber face pack, irrespective of your skin type. Boldsky also shares a step-by-step method on how you can make the cucumber face pack at home. Take a look.



Cucumber - 1 chopped

Curd - 4 tablespoons



Blend the cucumber to paste. Add the curd to the cucumber paste and mix well.



Rinse the face well with clear running water. Pat dry.

Now, apply the cucumber face pack on to the skin. Make sure that the paste is even and thickly applied on the face.

Allow the pack to dry on the face. When it is completely dry, peel the cucumber mask from the face using the finger tip.

Now, rinse the face with rose water and crushed ice solution to give you that perfect glow.


Dry Skin

The main ingredient in cucumber is water. When this pack is used on the skin, it helps to treat dry and itchy skin. The water also provides moisture to the skin, thus making the skin to glow naturally.


Treats Infections

Cucumber is rich in vitamin A. This powerful vitamin aids in treating all types of skin infections and inflammatory disorders. Using this face pack on the skin regularly can aid in promotion of better skin cells.


Keeps Skin Ageing At Bay

Applying the cucumber face pack benefits the skin and prevents ageing. Since cucumber is rich in vitamin C, the skin begins to produce collagen keeping the ageing skin cells at bay.


Inflamed Skin

Cucumber contains biotin which aids in treating and preventing an inflamed skin due to skin rashes and other skin-related problems. When this face pack is applied on the skin, the presence of biotin will help to treat an irritated skin, thus helping the skin to glow and feel beautiful.

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