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How To Use Coconut Oil As Facial Cleanser

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Apart from cooking purposes, coconut oil is also used for beauty purposes. Did you ever try to cleanse your face with coconut oil? Well, this post explains that process in detail.

If you really wish to keep your beauty routine chemical free, coconut oil is the way to go. It nourishes your face and also cleanses it naturally as it contains anti-bacterial properties in it.

Do you know why many prefer to use coconut oil as facial cleanser instead of relying on trendy beauty products? Well, this oil never irritates your skin as it doesn't tweak the pH levels of your skin. Also, the anti-oxidants in it can postpone wrinkles.

Additionally, its anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties made it popular. Its moisturising abilities can also be exploited.

Well, using coconut oil as facial cleanser is pretty easy. Get some organic, cold-pressed oil which is totally pure. Never use processed oils as you are going to use the oil on your skin.

If your skin is too sensitive, never use any oil on your face without consulting a dermatologist. Now, let us discuss how to cleanse your face with coconut oil.

Oil Cleansing

How To Cleanse Your Face With Coconut Oil

Step #1
Heat a tablespoon of coconut oil. Once it is lukewarm, take it into your hands.

Step #2
Rub your hands against each other to spread the oil over the surface area of your hands.

Massage Face

Step #3
Carefully smear the oil on your face using both hands in circular strokes. Massage it well to ensure that your skin absorbs the oil.

Oil On Face

Step #4
Dip a clean cloth in hot water and squeeze it carefully to remove the water from it.

Moisturised Face

Step #5
Use the cloth to wipe your face. This process removes the oil from your face.

Thats all! Your face will look clean and moisturised after the whole process is over. The best time to try this remedy is in the evening before going to bed. If you know about any other method of cleansing face using coconut oil, please share it with us.

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