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Beauty Benefits Of Rose Petals

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We all know that a rose is one of the most beautiful flowers in this world. Researches have revealed that roses existed even 35 million years ago. These sweet-smelling flowers have therapeutic benefits associated with them as well, and have been used in various beauty regimes.

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Rose water is one of the widely used products in skin care therapies. It has a cooling effect and keeps your skin soft and supple like a petal. Apart from rose water, there are beauty benefits of rose petals as well.
When you select rose petals for any beauty regimen, make sure to use only organic petals, as the artificial ones may not give the desired results.

Beauty Benefits Of Rose Petals

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Rose petals have the same beauty benefits as rose water, and in fact a little more than that. So, check out the various beauty benefits of rose petals mentioned below.
In this article today, we are here to discuss about the unique beauty benefits of rose petals. Read on to know more.

Cleanses Your Skin
Roses have an exotic scent and when used they can refresh your skin naturally. The antioxidants present in them helps to fight free radicals, skin irritants, removes excess sebum and germs from your skin. You can make a paste of rose petal powder and honey. Apply this on to your face and wash after 15 minutes. This can give you a fresh look in minutes.

Beauty Benefits Of Rose Petals

Facial Toner
Instead of spending money on artificial toners, you can make your own toner by boiling rose petals and buds in water for 20 minutes. Cool it down and strain the water. You can store this toner in a spray bottle and spritz away for that natural glow!

Soothing Moisturiser
The natural oil present in rose petals helps to retain the moisture of your skin by hydrating it and keeping it moist. To make a moisturising face pack, you can blend dried rose petals and honey and apply this paste on to your skin. Wash it after 10 minutes for amazing results.

Beauty Benefits Of Rose Petals

Fades Blemishes
Since rose petals are rich in antioxidants and vitamin C, it helps in fading blemishes away. Vitamin C helps in boosting collagen production and strengthens the skin cells and tissues. Grind few rose petals in plain water and apply it on to your face. Wash this after 20 minutes. Repeat this procedure for 3-5 days a week for best results.

Controls Oil Production
Generally, the toners available in the market contain alcohol or witch hazel. This can make your skin dry. Instead, you can opt for a rose petal toner, as it helps in keeping your skin smooth, soft and supple because of its astringent property. For better results, grind rose petals and apply it on to your face. This helps to shrink large pores, keeps your skin soft and fresh, hence controlling the oiliness of the skin.

These are few of the beauty benefits of rose petals. If you have any suggestions then do share them with us in the comment section below.

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