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Lipstick Problems Every Girl Faces

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Lipstick is the ultimate accessory, when it comes to makeup. Bolder shade of lipstick makes a statement and surely boosts our confidence. Be it our favourite red, pink or any nude shade of lipstick, there comes with it a set of challenges.

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Chapped, bleeding lips, fading and rough patches are few of the problems, which women constantly deal with when it comes to using a lipstick. However, there are a few tricks to tackle such problems.

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Women who wear lipsticks usually face real struggles every single day, which others are completely oblivious to. Did you know that applying makeup is the easiest and the most simplest tasks in this world? But, in reality, this is far from the truth.
In this article, we are here to share few of the lipstick problems that every girl faces. Read on to know more, as to how we can easily fix all our most common lipstick problems.

Exfoliate Dry Lips For A Smooth Finish
To get a smooth and clean finish of a lipstick application, you can use a clean, disposable mascara wand. All you need to do is to apply a lip balm over your mouth first to soften the hard skin on your lips. Next, gently use the mascara wand on your lips to remove the dead flaky skin.

Lipstick Problems Every Girl Faces

Make Any Lipstick Last Longer
This is one of the best tricks to make your lipstick last longer. All you need to do is to hold a tissue over your mouth, after applying a lipstick, and then dust a translucent powder over it. This helps to lock the colour of the lipstick for a longer period of time.

Lipstick Problems Every Girl Faces

Reshape Your Lips With A Lip Liner
This is a unique trick that you can use to reshape your lips. All you need to do is to trace out a line just slightly outside your natural lip line with a nice lip liner pencil, this can make your lips appear larger. You can fill in your lip colour with the pencil for a matte look, or you can use a gloss for a glossy finish.

Reattach A Broken Lipstick
This is the most common problem faced by any girl. But, fret not! You can fix the broken lipstick by melting the end with a lighter and affix it back to the base in the packaging. Melt the two pieces, where they meet, to fuse them back together. Make sure you do not heat it for too long.

Make Your Lips Appear Larger
You can try this trick by applying one shade of lipstick over your entire mouth, then apply a similar coloured shade on the outer lines of your lips, so that it has a lighter shade in the centre. This can, for sure, make your lips appear larger.

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Story first published: Friday, November 20, 2015, 17:58 [IST]
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