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Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Sunken Eyes

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Getting dark circles around the eyes is not an uncommon factor these days. Stress plays a major role in causing dark circles, similarly, mental strain and also heredity plays a major role for developing this dark patchy around the eyes. However, sunken eyes has now become a major concern and many people are prone to get their skin dark and patchy under the eyes. Thus, sunken eyes can look very unhealthy and can make a person look exhausted.

We need to realise that sunken eyes occurs as we age. But nowadays, due to high stress levels many people have are now prone to getting sunken eyes. Similarly, sunken eyes is also caused due to improper diet, weakness, tiredness and also lack of sleep. Though medical treatment is often recommended in order to cure sunken eyes, there are many home remedies that enables to get rid of it completely. These home remedies are extremely inexpensive and also works wonders for you to get rid of your sunken eyes.

We give you some home remedies to get rid of sunken eyes.


Raw potato

Raw potato should be sliced into thin layers, keep the potato slices on the eyes for atleast 30 minutes. This helps in softening the delicate skin under the eye and also helps in providing essential nutrients and vitamins to the skin around the eyes.


Almond Oil

Almond oil is rich in Vitamin E. Application of almond oil helps in toning the skin under the eye and makes it look healthy.


Warm or cold teabags

Tea bags can be really effective for healing sunken eyes. Keep warm teabags on your eyes for few minutes as it helps you to relax and also improves circulation of blood around the eyes. It thereby reduces pigmentation and dark circles.



Cucumber is said to be the best home remedy for dark circles and also extremely beneficial as it is known for its cooling effect. Keeping cucumber slices on your eyes, this gives a cooling effect to the eyes. It also helps in reducing dark circles.


Apply sunscreen lotion

Make sure you apply sunscreen lotion under the eyes. The skin under the eyes is delicate when compared to other parts of the body and thus prone to damage. Hence apply sunscreen lotion to avoid further damage to your skin.


Fish oil

Though it is recommended to take fish oil orally, it can also be applied on the skin. If dark circles are forming around the eyes or if you have sunken eyes, application of fish oil helps in making your skin smooth and healthy.


Lemon juice

Lemon juice is known to be a natural bleach. Apply fresh lemon juice on the skin around the eyes, as it helps in removing dead skin cells around the eyes. Lemon juice is a good home remedy for dark patchy skin, but while applying it around the eyes dilute the lemon juice with water.



Sleep can cure many diseases; lack of sleeping is a major factor that causes the development of sunken eyes. Hence sleep adequately to get rid of sunken eyes. Sleeping not only heals your sunken eyes but also benefits your overall health.



Water plays a major role in keeping your body healthy. Drinking atleast 8 glasses of water everyday not only benefits your body but also aids in reducing problems related to skin or hair.

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