Get Rid N Leave Pimples Alone: How?

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When we come to a certain age, we have a serious issue of acne outbreak. There are many young girls and boys who have to literally cover their face with all their skin problems. Today, we tell you that covering your face and hiding yourself from these skin problems is not going to help you at all. You have to find various ways in dealing with a pimple; the only way for you to treat that ugly zit is to leave it alone.

We consume all kinds of foods which have a high content of oil and polyunsaturated fats which brings to our conclusion of acne outburst. There are a lot of ways to get rid of pimples while using face packs and masks. But, when theses do not work, it only means that your pimples are stubborn to react to your natural remedies.

Given below are some of the ways in which you can treat pimples by not doing anything. Boldsky tells you 10 different ways in which you can get rid of pimples by not touching it.

Tip- When you touch your pimple, you bring forth more amount of germs, thus it will increase in number. It is always best to leave your pimple alone and not touch it. Take a look as to how we tell you not to get fidgety with your pimple.


No makeup

One day without makeup is not going to make you look worse those days your hair looked bad. When you avoid makeup on your pimple, you are allowing your skin to breathe.


Just water

The main medicine for your pimple is water. Wash your face continuously at least thrice in a day and pat dry. Water helps to remove all the bad impurities from your face. So, leave your pimple alone and wash your face with clear water.


No fingers

Your hands are not clean. It is your hands which carry a lot of bacteria as you touch different objects all the time. Therefore, do not touch your pimple and leaving it alone is the best you can do for it to disappear.


Stay away

When you are prone to getting pimples after you have consumed a unhealthy oily dish/ snack, it is best to avoid it. The best way to avoid getting a pimple outburst is to avoid all kinds of oily foods.



Sometimes, pimples can be quite a pain. They hurt and they itch and you have the tendency to simple squeeze it out of your skin. No matter how much they itch, do not squeeze it out. It will leave behind a nasty mark which is difficult to remove.


Overdoing medications

When there is an overuse of something on the skin, it will only lead to further damage. Therefore, never over-do your skin medications as it can have an adverse effect.


Hat problem

A continuous usage of hats can lead to piling up of bacteria, oil and dirt around the forehead. Therefore, ditch the hat now and again or make it a point to prevent your forehead from sweating.


Sleep position

Did you know that sleep patterns contribute to the acne outburst. When you sleep on your face for a long period of hours, you will begin to sweat on your face due to the heat emitted from the pillow. Therefore, sleeping on your back is the better option to prevent pimples.


Strong chemicals

There are a lot of chemicals in the market which promise to get rid of your pimples. However, try as much as you can to leave your pimple alone and away from these strong chemicals.


No stress

Too much of stress can have an adverse effect on your health. If you are stressed out, make sure you find some way to bring it under control. Stress causes a lot of skin problems like pimples, so if stress is your main reason behind your pimples leave them alone.

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Story first published: Thursday, October 17, 2013, 21:30 [IST]
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